Beauty Product Reviews

Purest of the Pure

This perfume is your own ocean in a bottle. Picture yourself laying on the softest sand of your own beautiful private island with the man that you just adore.... Being lost in the world and loving it. That is what this scent it does for me.

Mighty High End

Just like the commercial it is RUNWAY appropriate. When I wear this I literally start walking like there are cameras flashing. Did you not see Marilyn asking and adoring it...!

All For One

I love this perfume. It's very fresh and it's very clean. Calvin Klein has a way of making everything he does very posh, perfumes are not an exception. This is like icing on the top of a well coifed outfit; hair, makeup and outfit.

A Must Have

I mainly use this as my "crease color". It's an awesome shade to blend in and create a smoldering eye. But I also use this to darken my waterline whenever I am using my jumbo white eyeliner. It helps to pull of a flawless execution. This product is AWESOME!

Makes My Eyes POP

This goes on so easily and since it's in bronze, it makes my eye look so flawless. It gives my eyes a pop and crackle without looking like I am trying too hard. And isn't that we all want? To make it look easy!!!

Wonderfully Made

This is such an awesome product! There is nothing like Johnson & Johnson skin care. I add this to my lotion and I apply it when I have just gotten out of the shower (keep your mind out of the gutter). This smells awesome and goes on so easy with a silky residue. It absorbs in the skin amazingly.

Loyal To It

I have used this product since I was in high school. Seeing as how I am a woman of color---cocoa butter is a necessity to me. It helps keep my skin hydrated, smooth and even-colored. Because it's cocoa butter, I can use as much as I want, how much I want! And it has a nice clean smell to it too. I will be loyal to this product until the day I die!

A Tiny Bit

Whenever I can afford it---this is at the top of my list! It moisturizes and hydrates the skin unlike any other product I've ever used. Only a tiny bit is needed when I add it to my lotion. Too much can have you looking like a crazed greased-up person who has no idea how ridiculous you look. Like I said before, it can be pricey but it is so worth the dollars because it lasts FOREVER!

Black Girls Tan Too!!!

This is my first time using "sunless tanner lotion". Like most of the world, I assumed that tanning was just for those women with "less pigmentation" but after researching and finding out that it can actually add a glow and conceal stretch marks---I flew to the drugstore! (Former Fat Kid). I have noticed a difference and since it is my first time--I can't help but be impressed. It gives me a healthy glow and actually blends out my skin tone. I don't splatter it on my face, instead I use a pea size amount and mix it with "normal lotion"--I can't have it messing with my "money maker". It gives me the MORE confidence to wear "flirty pieces" ;-).

The 3 Musketeers !!!

A lot of people knock "Wet N Wild" because it's one of the most cheapest drugstore brands but in all honesty, it gives me just as much, if not more satisfaction as high price brands. I love this particular color palette because it gives me a very soft and romantic eye. I have had this product for quite some time, meaning that it lasts. It's also great for when I am in a rush or I don't have the patience to create my own unique eye. Loves it.

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