J'adore Eau de Toilette


Rachelle-Denise  M.
Mighty High End

Just like the commercial it is RUNWAY appropriate. When I wear this I literally start walking like there are cameras flashing. Did you not see Marilyn asking and adoring it...!

Julia K.
Smells like heaven...

my one and only all-time favourite perfume! it gives you such a sweet and elegant smell and it simply makes you happy. you need just one spritz and you smell like a lady all day long. it is a little expensive, but it's absolotely worth every single penny.

Nadia N.
Love this!

This is a light sexy scent and it is floral. It is not too floral but has this interesting rose with something else I wonder if its from the hint of plum that does it.

Anna L.
Perfect Mother's Day Gift!

Mom fell in love with this perfume when I bought it for her on Mother's Day. Acutally, we're both in love with it and we always have 2+ bottles in the house.