Beauty Product Reviews

Perfect eyeliner for an unsteady hand!

This liquid liner is my new obsession! I have trouble holding my hand steady while I apply eyeliner but with this product I create perfect lines. It's great for any kind of look, if you want cat eyes you don't have to worry about it being too thick, if you want a barely there look this liner gets right into the lash line. I couldn't ask for more from a liner, it's the total package!

Better than average drugstre liner

I've pretty much tried every liquid liner possible from the drugstore and this absolutely makes it into my top 3. The pigmentation is great, it is very simple to apply, and does not fade throughout the day. It's definitely better than your average drugstore eyeliner and I will be making a second purchase once I run out of my current tube!


I am not one to give a bad review since I usually do a lot of research before I purchase my makeup, but this was a spur of the moment/walking through the drugstore/random pick up type of thing. I was excited to try it because I love liquid eyeliners with a felt tip, I find them a lot easier to use. Unfortunately, during my first use of the product I had a hard time getting the "Very Black" as advertised, even after numerous coats, and by the second time I could not get any of the product to come out of the tube. Needless to say it ended up in the trash shortly after. This product was a total miss!

I like these wipes as I'm using them but when I finish I usually get a stinging feeling to my eyelid. It's probably because I'm pretty aggressive when removing my eye makeup but they also leave me skin very shiny. Since I found other products for my makeup remover I use these when I apply my makeup to wipe away a mistake I made or to get the makeup off my hands when I'm done. It's a good product, you just have to find the way it works for you.

I received many compliments after wearing some of the unique designs this product offers. Just follow the application instructions and finish with a top coat. If you're in a rush there is no dry time which makes it very convenient.

This is the best heat protector I have ever used! It smells good and prevents damage better than any other product I've tried. It's inexpensive which is hard to come by when looking for a quality in this type of product. It leaves your hair light and fresh and without frizz!

I love this product but beware...if used regularly it dries out your lids! I've been using it for the past year probably about 3-4 times a week and now I'm having this result. It's a great primer otherwise though!

I bought this product at the beginning of the year because I really liked the packaging. I didn't know too much about this lip balm besides that, well, it was a lip balm. It goes on nicely but unfortunately doesn't stay that way. I found that after 5-10 minutes my lips were chapped again, and even worse then originally. They were not moisturized at all and almost to the point of cracking. This product is so cute, but for me it just doesn't work =/