LineExact Liquid Liner


Rae M.
Fantasticly Inky and Long Wearing!

This is fantastic! Its super dark and inky. The long felt tip marker point makes it soooo easy to apply. It lasts all day, but is easy to wash off. I'm not sure if its because I pat black or navy blue eyeshadow over top just before it dries. That soaks up all the extra moisture, locks it into place, and also helps to soften the lines and any imperfections. I wear it on the upper lash line, but haven't tried it on the lower lash line yet. I wear contacts and this doesn't bother my eyes at all.

Colette R.
Very good product!

The packaging and the applicator is nice, I like it. Other than that it's a decent product. It's just a liquid eyeliner. I shook the product thoroughly with the cap on, Then used the eyeliner. IT flowed out onto the tip easily, No dripping and it performed well. Like it says, It is easy to hold and use. I gave it 4 stars out of five, Purely because of the bad reviews.

Jenna N.
I'd rather put satan on my eyes.

Honestly, the first time I put it on I loved it. But I'm the person that laughs all the time. My eyes water when I laugh and I usually do the classic wing. So when laugh a big chunk is taken out. All I have to say >.<

Kayla B.

I am not one to give a bad review since I usually do a lot of research before I purchase my makeup, but this was a spur of the moment/walking through the drugstore/random pick up type of thing. I was excited to try it because I love liquid eyeliners with a felt tip, I find them a lot easier to use. Unfortunately, during my first use of the product I had a hard time getting the "Very Black" as advertised, even after numerous coats, and by the second time I could not get any of the product to come out of the tube. Needless to say it ended up in the trash shortly after. This product was a total miss!

Lauren H.

It never worked! Didn't work ever since I bought it, I was very dissapointed and totally made me not like cover girl. Thanks to them Im afraid to buy any kind of liner like this, I dont want to waste my money ever again glad i wasnt the only one who found this issue!