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An outstanding makeup remover.

First off, we can find this in any drugstore, it comes it two different sizes 5.5 and 3.8 fl. oz., I personally always get the big size... It is extremely affordable, compared to some other makeup remover out there, that pretty much do the same thing. What fascinates me about this remover, is the way makeup comes right off of my eyelids or even foundation. A plus is how gentle is on the skin around the eyes, I have I have used this on the rims of my eyesand it is very safe and the best part is it doesn't sting my eyes... so is perfect for sensitive eyes, I don't wear contacts and I'm not sure if you could use this on the rims, or how it feels on people that use them. The water proof removing test, it did great any water proof eyeliner will come off, I don't have water proof mascare, cuz I just don't like to wear that much mascara or other kind of waterproof stuff, but I'd say it will work well. Just remember to hold the cotton ball on over your eyelid for a while and you don't even have to rub off the makeup. Now I gave this a 4.5 for just one reason, the paclaging claims or says "No Oily Residue," but it does. If you hate that on a makeup remover, then I'd say stay away from this one, because it feels oily, But other than that this is amazin. Just make sure you shake it well.

I've had the DRY'N SHAPE for months already so time to review it. I find myself using this evry time I can, but like evrything, has some down sides as well as some good ones... What I like about it is, the DRYING time of the brushes, whuch is around 3 to 5 hours, somparing it to just leaving your brushes over night this is a great score for sigma. Obviously this will vary depending on the brush size. It is very well made, the durability of this "drying tool" it's been good, for not saying great, just a few stitches have come off, but nothing to worry about. Has not changed color, doesn't get the brushes to smell funky, so that's a plus. A great thing is you get different size elastic-things/bands. Is very sleek looking. Now the bad side to this is that some people might hate that is a bit hard to clean, the slightly smell is has, nothing to worry about though, I am sensible to smells and it's not a big bad smell. If there was a thing I could change, it would be the size of the "drying bands' because I find I use more smaller brushes rather than big or medium size, so yeah I'd more smaller ones!

Somewhat worth it?

OK the thing about this produc is that, yes it does help with nourishing the skin, giving you the silkiest feeling, but I gotta say. I am disappointed, because for $50.00 Dollars I would expect something that smells good, or at least no smell at all. I find it to be greasy, could be only me, but thats why I don't like to put a lot, because if u do, oh boy U are gonna be a walking butter stick. The good thing as I said earlier, is that will give you a deep moisturizer, perfect for extra dry skin. my advice is try a sample berofore you buy it, because I rarely use it, even though my skin is dry, I can't stand the smell... I'm one of those people that if I don't like the smell, even if it works, it'll make me throw up. You are able to get different sizes if you get it online (never bought it anywhere alse). Range from $10.00 to almost $80.00 Dollars. If you don't mind the smell it has, then I would say go for it, because is really moisturizing.

EXtra shimmer with this!

Palladio Baked Blush Really pigmented blushes, can be used wet or dry(Used wet and the shimmer will show up more). They stay for a nice period of time, they blend easily. I particularly don't like that much shimmer, but this ones have a really pretty shimmer in them. you get .09 OZ. or 2.5 G. you wont ru out of it for a while because of the color you get which is really intense. the ones I have used are Rosey, Berry and Blushin' you can check out the other 2 colors at palladio's website.

and here I have the swatches of the three colors dry and wet starting from LtoR Rosey,Berry and Blushin

I have used it quite a bit to be honest, I like that packs on color, but not a good brush to blend, is good as an overall brush. The bristles are soft, but stiff enough to get the color and apply it without much to worry about, it's short handle makes it easy to travel with, an amazing price and I would say is a great brush to have (you get more that what you pay here). I thought at first that it was gonna be one of those brushes that I would hate( thought it would shed and hard bristles), but I was surprised... I give it a 4 just beacause I like the longer handled ones better :p oh almost forgot the ferrule is great too(hasn't turn in weird color or break apart)

This is just my perfect mascara!!!!! I luv it, is amazing, it gives my lashes length and separats them (no clumpiness) those little 3 balls work wonders =) my lower lashes are big and they tend to look like spider's legs (is it legs or webs, whatever) and the wands gives enough product to give my lashes that perfectness... So nothing bad to say about this I just Luv it <3 this is perfect for medium to long lashes I think, i dunno about small lashes. the formula is strong enough to hold the curl, but not to hard is gonna make ur lashes all weird. I can't say enough good things about the product, the packaging is classy and cute, besides who doesn't luv purple right JK... but try it out if you have the opportunity thumbs up for this one.


Physicians Formula-Eye Booster 2-in-1 lash boosting eyeliner + serum I love this liquid eyeliner because you are able to make the fines or most outstrageous winged liner with precision, the black of this produc really pays off, you know when you buy something that clamis to be black but is kinda dark greysh colour, well this is black BOLD black... Though I have to say the finish is on the satin side, kind of glossy looking. Allright let's start with this it comes in 3 different colors whi are:Ultra Black(my fav), Deep Brown(for a more soft look), and black(haven't test this one). The price for this will be determined by where you live, he in the U.S. around $10.00 dollars, well worth it. YOu get .016 fl. oz. or .5 ml, which is a great deal, I have had mine for quite a long time, but I don't use in a daily basis, which I know some people can run out of this produc really fast. Anyhow, The great thing about this eyeliner is that make as I said really fine lines, or bold and dramatic ones... you can create flicks or pints or random designs with this, because of the brush applicator. Glides really nice, but sometime you have to shake it to make the product to come out or what I do just do crazy lines on the back of my hand to make it go back to work. The packaging is really sleek, metal loooking, I'm not sure if is all plastic, but looks cool. I think the cam is easy to open, I've had it for quite a while now and the brush still the same as the day I bought it, keep in it to crate the great liner we all want. Now it claims to boost your lashes, so they grow, but I haven't seen any results because I don't use it daily, I haven't had any bad reactions, it says you can use it with contanct lensses, but i don't wear them, just don't apply this in the water line or it will sting X( O ther than than I Luv this eyeliner, price, pigmentation, packaging, everything on this is great, with the exception of the no continues flow, but you just have to shake or use the back or your arm to make it work again.

hmm, what to say here... Well, I like it, but you have to take in consideration that everyone's lashes are different. What I do with this mascara is I take all the extra product out of the wand, if not what happens is that the mascara gets clumpy and just makes your lashes go down. if you take the extra they are deffined and not clumpy, "what I like in a mascara". overall I think is a great mascara, just with the down side of the clumpiness, but thats because of the wand, so take any extra out, wipe in a tissue or something and you are ready to apply it.

I don't have that any, but the mate black is great "Super Black" is amazing, the mate white though is not very pigmented. I haven't tryed any others, but I think they are really nice.

all right, lemme be sincere, I don't have any more primers and being said that, let's continue. It's a great product, so far so good =), I love it, because makes eyeshadows blend easily, they don't crease, you get true color from your eyeshadows. The only problem is the container, even though it looks super cute, you can't get all the product out. Good they have a new container :)), other than that an amazing eyeshadow base. <3

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