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Kiehl's Creme de Corps


Susanna F.
Great for dry winter skin

I love this stuff - I get small dry patches of skin on my arms in the winter and the Creme de Corps cleared them right up. It took about a week, but now they're gone. :)

Miss N.
Pricey Goodness

I always buy the bigger bottle around winter time as this is the only lotion that keeps my skin moisturized. I apply it once a day after my morning shower and love the dewy effect it leaves on my skin.

Julie A.
Favorite Moisturizer!

This is the only stuff that calms my dry/itchy skin in the winter. I've tried so many other lotions, from Eucerine to Jergens and even perscription stuff and none of them worked for me like Creme De Corps. This is pretty expensive, I think my large bottle w/ the pump costs me $47 but to me its worth it since I get relieve from my intense dry skin. There is no scent to this and the creamy/yellow formula blends in perfectly. I apply this to my body right out of the shower and it settles into my skin pretty good...but you might have to wait a few min. before putting your clothes on so it really sinks in. I also love the dewy moisturized look this gives my skin, especially my decollete!

Cameron R.
Cure to winter dryness!

This stuff is great, as Nadine says it leaves your skin with a beautifully dewy finish and doesn't feel greasy. I usually apply it right after the shower and then by the time I finish getting ready it's already soaked in enough to my skin to dress. Great if you have super dry or irritated body skin! Four stars because while I love it, I feel like I have been robbed at gunpoint when I fork over the $50 to purchase. Great otherwise!

Antonio Z.
Somewhat worth it?

OK the thing about this produc is that, yes it does help with nourishing the skin, giving you the silkiest feeling, but I gotta say. I am disappointed, because for $50.00 Dollars I would expect something that smells good, or at least no smell at all. I find it to be greasy, could be only me, but thats why I don't like to put a lot, because if u do, oh boy U are gonna be a walking butter stick. The good thing as I said earlier, is that will give you a deep moisturizer, perfect for extra dry skin. my advice is try a sample berofore you buy it, because I rarely use it, even though my skin is dry, I can't stand the smell... I'm one of those people that if I don't like the smell, even if it works, it'll make me throw up. You are able to get different sizes if you get it online (never bought it anywhere alse). Range from $10.00 to almost $80.00 Dollars. If you don't mind the smell it has, then I would say go for it, because is really moisturizing.

Clare N.

I love this stuff - it makes my skin feel like butter. The only thing is that it takes a while to settle in. I find I have to apply it right after my shower & watch tv for 5-10 minutes before getting dressed, otherwise it just feels too sticky.

Kikikulala L.

it is moisturizing but i dont like the color stained my camis