Beauty Product Reviews

Smellin it for dayssssss.

The product works great for my hair texture (which is mixed with black & white, but im Nigerian so the black dominates hehe..) The only thing im not in love with is the smell, and after wearing it to for an 8hr period, i can't get the smell to come out for atleast a week, so its a win lose. Overall its pretty bomb at moisturizing though!

B**** stole my brush!

This brush was so good that my bestfriend stole it from me & i still miss it. The brush was soft, the bristles didnt shed on my face, and best of all it was affordable. This review makes me question why i havent replaced it yet, or stolen it back...

Makeup? More like zit takeup my faceup.

My zits & this foundation seem to be the best of friends, because they always happen to come around when this foundation comes to town.. its like a f****** family reunion on my face.

This stuff is like my belt in karate; black & kicking a bunch of ass

This is the best mascara I've ever used. I have really difficult eyelashes, that curl on their own & do their own thing (they litterally stick out in multiple directions..) But this mascara whips them in shape. Wapshhh

I could take it or leave it

I have difficult eyelashes, so its hard to find mascaras that dont clump or tangle my lashes. This mascara doesn't do either of those things, but thats it. I don't get amazing volume or length, but it works.

Pleasant Suprise

This brush is bomb, i thought it might suck because of the cheap price but boy was i wrong! It was super cheap, & works like a professional brush. Worth buying!