True Match foundation


Destiny J.

I have tried so many different foundations & this is the only one that doesn't make me break out. It evens out my skin very nicely & it doesn't make me break out

Erika W.
Super Blendable!

I just purchased this a few weeks ago, it was my first time purchasing any foundation, and I was very shocked at how much it blended in & matched my actual skin tone. Very lightweight, can't even feel it on my face when I'm wearing it. Covers up fairly well, have had to overlay a bit to cover up some of my rough spots but that's just because of my skin. If you're thinking of purchasing & this is your shade, def do it, you won't be disappointed!

Anita R.
TRUE match

This is the only foundation that I use on myself when I don't use my eco-friendly products. It truely does match my skin without me having to mix different shades together. And it is affordable.

Melissa G.

After watching one of Kandee Johnson's videos on using two different shades of foundation to achieve a more natural looking tone, I purchased this. I usually use Almay TLC foundation, and then apply True Match in small dots on my cheek bone and up to my temple and blend. Apply powder and blush and a gorgeous, natural looking glow is achieved!

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Kristina S.

One of my fave drugstore foundation, i like how they have a variety of shades bcoz i find that most or some drugstore foundation has limited shades to choose from. This foundation is medium to full coverage and is definitely build-able. I'm not a fan of full coverage and liquid foundation but what i do when using this foundation is mix it with my moisturizer.

Haley A.
Makeup? More like zit takeup my faceup.

My zits & this foundation seem to be the best of friends, because they always happen to come around when this foundation comes to town.. its like a f****** family reunion on my face.

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