Bamboo Powder Brush

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Kara M.

I've had this brush for almost three years and it's still going strong. None of the hair have fallen out and I've had no complaints, it was a little expensive but now I understand why. It was def worth it.

Amanda S.
Fav Brush!

I swear by this brand. This brush never sheds. So soft and blends powder so nicely. Well made and for a good price too! Lasts a long time trust me!

Rachel P.

I had the option of Ecotools or Real Techniques and I chose Ecotools because it's cheaper and I heard loads of good things about it. And now I'm in love with it! I don't think I will ever need a different powder brush as I'm really happy with this one. The bristles don't shed at all and they are so soft. It picks up a good amount of product and gives an even finish when applied after tapping off the excess. Overall I'm very happy with this brush - I will definitely go back to Ecotools for other brushes too.

Munchy B.

I love this brush! I bought it on its own for like £10 but it is worth the money! I have used it most days and the bristles don't shed at all. It is soft and easy to use with the powder, spreads it so evenly and feels great on my skin!

Mimi D.

this is a very good brush it gives me an even finish a the bristles are soft . Also the bristles don't shed. This brush is a very good tool to have in your makeup collection

Katie J.

I use this brush to apply setting powder and I love it. It's so big, you can cover your whole face in no time. The bristles are soft and they don't shed. It's good quality and inexpensive, too! It doesn't feel cheap and I appreciate that the ferule is made from recycled aluminum.

Romanian B.
Great Brushes! Good Price!

Love these brushes as well along with the elf brushes! These brushes are so soft and so easy to use! I have noticed that they are very durable and made of great quality! They are great for applying bronzer and blush! I love these!

Haley A.
B**** stole my brush!

This brush was so good that my bestfriend stole it from me & i still miss it. The brush was soft, the bristles didnt shed on my face, and best of all it was affordable. This review makes me question why i havent replaced it yet, or stolen it back...

Lon M.
I Love it

I love this brush because it is really soft, and it applies the right amount of product on your face so you dont look like a cake... The main reason I bought this one was bc the one I had before was so old it was very rough with my face and I left scars AND b/c it is earth friendly :) I'm really looking forward to buy the other tools =D

Elena C.
Photo of product included with review by Elena C.

I bought this brush at Rite Aid on Monday. One because it was BOGO and I've heard so many great things about these brushes so I had to see for myself. It picks up color quite well and the price..well no complaints compared to department brand make up brushes! and plus they're "eco-friendly" and you can re-use the bag as well. :-)