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At first I decided I didnt need this palette because I loved the first naked palette and I thought the colours were too similar but since I am a urban decay fan I couldnt help it but to add to my collection. I was wrong the shades in this palette are gorgeous and look better on my skin tone. don't get me wrong I still the first one just as much . Maybe Urban Decay will come up with a Naked 3 and it will be all matte shadows . Only time will tell:)

I have all the colors from this line . They are just like the Mac paint pots maybr even better . What I dont understand is you would think that they would all be the same qualty .But they really missed it with this color . You really need alot of product in order for this color to show up on your lid . Oh why , why did you fail at this color . Other then that that I love it hope tis product is here to stay ... Maybe down the line they will come out with even more colors. Mac better what out ....They are given the a run for there money

I discovered this a few months ago and it is a miracle worker. It seriously keeps brows tame and kept. I use to pencil very lightly because I don't want my brows to look overdone, and then I set it with the brow gel. I love the brow gel most of all the tint on the gel is great the pencil is ok nothing special about it . The gel is the little miracle it match perfecly with any pencil or powder that I uses it blends like a dream

Also you can find in almost any drug store where they sale revlon product which is great cause you know . We dont always have time to go to Sephora or Mac to pick up our gel so that great .


It not a real con but like I said the pencil is like any other so it not a real big deal . So weather I use this pencil or another pencil even a powder it really does not make a differents . Also I feel like it is not enough product (gel) but for the price what do you expect .

So if you are in the market for a new pencil/gel. I say go for .

All I can say LOVE IT . OMG this stuff is great it really takes off everything . I like using this makeup remover . I use alot of waterproff liner and mascra and it is a pain to remove I tried alot of differnt product but this is the one I keep going back to . It takes everything off.

Dont get me wrong there is a CON It does leaves a little residue so you have to be careful. So while you are removing the product off your eyes make sure your eyes are close tight because when you open it for even just a bit when you are using this product . Your eyes might get a little cloudy and that no fun . I should know, But not enough to make me stop using it

over all I love this stuff this is a must have in my makeup collection. It really gets the job done .

Iam always looking for the next best thing . I must admit I was skeptical about this product because it is a drug store primer . So I really did not know what to expect . I have been going back and forth with this product and i have to admit for a drug store product it not bad at all. The texture is amazing it a moussey sliky feeling . It was very different for me because I have always used textures that feel more creamy loction like . So it took me a while to get use to that . But after I got over that it was great . The foundation doesn't settle in makes my foundation flawless. Makeup lasts longer and it controls a bit of oil threw out the day. A little goes a long way.


Dont get me wrong there is some down side for this product it a little expensive for a drug store prouduct unless you can get it buy 1 get 1 50% off that the only time that i would even bother buying this product . Some people do not like that cream moussey feeling how it feels like a mask or they feel like they can't blend out the foundation . I dont seems to have the problem but everyone is different . Some people have broken out from it and that because it has silicone oil makes the primer easy to apply so if you are allergic to silicone stay away from this product .

Hope this review helps anyone who is looking for the next best .

This product is amazing, at first I thought I was going into Lush to pick a few box sets to do a giveaway . But then I saw this lip scrub and thought why not. I heard so many good things about it I thought I should give it a try and I did. I love this scrub this product is a lifesaver to me. I had chaped lips and they wear very drying especially in the winter time where your lips really need that extra moisturizer. This sugar scrub in bubblegum, which smells exactly like snow fairy is great After using this scrub for almost a year I can really say I really notice a big differents it really exfoliate my lips and helps that it taste great too LOL. you can't help it but taste it after you exfoliate. I say if you have chapped or dry lips and you are looking for a great scrub go to lush and try one of there lips scrub . There is always a flavor for everyone out there

I am just saying

This lip balm isn't the best lip balm but it's not the worst.It has a good smell and the egg form is a good coversation starter. but i dont think it a must have .

Lemon drop is the best one I have tried so far . If you can deal with the lemon smell but not to many do . There has to be a flavor/scent for you out there that you would like . Keep in mind the flavor/scents a bit strong for some people. So pick wisely , you will smell and taste that flavor on your lips .my personal favorite is lemon drop .

Love the fact it have an spf of 15 . I wish for people who like the other scent they should apply a spf 15 in the others as well. Why only stick to one flavor . which is unfair to the people who like for example honey dew

I do notice that I do have to reapply the balm as they day goes on . So do I think this is a must have to run out and get ... um no

Dont get me wrong I do like it and it a nice concept with the egg shape . But i feel it like any other balm


Have you ever wanted to know . What is Kim Kardashian is wearing that gives her that beautiful glow . Well this is it this little miracle product . A makeup artist by the name of Mario Dedivanovic was the one who custom blended this product for Kim . This is a must have for Kim . What so great about this product is that this mineral pigment give you the most gorgeous, golden glow. It is such a universal shade that highlight and flatters all skin tones.

I have to say, when I first purchased this product I was sceptical. I expected this highlighter to surpass all highlighter and bronzers in my collection. I am NOT A FAN of anything chunky or sparkly on my face.

I dont know whether there was an ingredients list or info on it. Beacuse on the website there is no info . When i recive the prouduct it did not come with a box .

When I bought the actual jar it just had the lid which says Giella and the bottom of the jar say EYE M GLAM on a white sticker at the bottom. I would say it about the same size aa MUFE's HD Powder which is 10g. Again no info as to how much grams.

The product does have a sifter I advise only removing half the sticker on the sifter to avoid a huge mess. It does have a lot product and you only need a little bit so it will last you a very long time.

A little bit of this product goes a long way and I use as a multipurpose item . Hightlight my cheek and the bridge of my nose. Use it as a over lid color and inner corners. Chest and body to give me that summer glow and even on my lips and my cupids bow.

Even thou I really don't like the way they did the packging . The product itself is great

This is a must have Item in my makeup routine . Dont think I can live with out it .

This product is price at $35.00 It can be purchase on the Giella website at

They also make other custom blend products Check out there site


I'am in love now I have been using this product for about 3 months now. All I can say is wow.It really get the job done. As soon as I feel like iam getting a pimp on my face . I apply a bit on the area that is needed and the next thing I knew. My pimp it is gone . I mainly use it at night right after I wash my face and moisturizer. A small drop of this stuff is all you need .

People who is sensitive to benzoyl peroxide should not use this product . If excess irritation to the skin occurs please stop using it.

You should test the product on another part of your body like inner part of your elbow or even the back of your ear where you are more sensitive. Apply a drop in these areas rub it into your body for at least 24 hr if nothing happen chances are it will be ok to apply it to your face.

Over all this does take care of break outs.

Just remember if you are going to use this product .Try the tip that I mention above. So use it at your own risk because this formula really packs a punch .

I love the way my skin feels after using the mask. I have been using this product a little bit more then a year. I like to using it once a week to really refresh my skin it make my skin feel good. This product leaves you feeling refreshed after you rinse it off. It is so minty.This product is so affordable and it is easy to find in any drug store.

But there are some CON'S

1. This might be too much for people with sensitive skin some people report that it burns and it stings so it will be a little bit unbearable for them so stay away from this product if you have sensitive skin.

2. This product is also not for people with dry skin as well .They state it is too drying for there skin and sometimes leave dry patches. I don't know if using a good moisturizer will help but you can try.

Over all love using this product .I noticed a great improvement in my skin's texture and my pores look smaller. This is must have in my weekly routine!

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