Beauty Product Reviews

Great feeling & looking skin finish!!

This is my most favorite foundation ever!! This has Vitamin E in it so it acts like a skin care product. It is very blendable and it is super moist. It is moist but it does not make the skin look too sticky or glossy. It is satin finish, yet moist and healthy inside. I just love it that it does good to my skin on top of making my skin look so even and nice.

This hides the blemishes the best!! but for under eye circle, it is a bit harder to blend since it is a gel form

This brush was actually very hard and scratchy for a while till after several washes. Also it sheds quite a bit. I love the size and the concept though... I use it still because it is convenient, but I wish it was softer :)

This is soooooooo nice. I love this blush!!! It is hypoallergenic so it is better for your skin and also, it is nicely pigmented. It gives most natural looking blush. I love it so much that I dont have so much left! lol

Love how it goes on and how it makes my skin look brighter. BUT... in the direct sun light, it was too shimmery. If I was always inside, that's fine, but I like to be outside, so I do not like wearing this when I go out...

This is actually the only black eye liner that can stay on my lid all day without smudging or transferring to the lid. and the intensity of the black is very good:) I like it much better than Loreal linear intense since it made my eyes reaction and it was not fun....

LOVE IT!! so easy to make lashes "fan out". I was very impressed how easy it is to control this kind of wand!!

Powder in this foundation is not very fine, so it goes on very powdery and chalky. This foundation made me look like I have way too much makeup on, so I stopped using it since I like to have foundation on without looking like I have a lot of layer of makeup on!

Pink Please is such a pretty pink colour! it is comperable to Cream Cup by Mac, I think. I love them both !!

THE VERY BEST mascara I have ever tried. This gives volumalized lases really easily. You dont have to sit and make sooo many coats. The product gets on to your lashes so easily and it does not make any clumps either. I absolutely love it!! I would definitely buy this one again!

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