Beauty Product Reviews

Great versatility!

This palette is awesome for neutral smokey eyes AND colorful smokey eyes. You can even create a subtle everyday eye with it. I describe it as the Naked palette's "rebellious older sister". This palette is so fun!

A must have!

I adore the Soft & Gentle MSF. It's a gold-toned highlight color and beautifully shimmery. I swatched this at the MAC counter, thought about it nonstop for a week, and knew I HAD to have it! So gorgeous and so natural looking, with a bit of "oomph!" I have light skin and this is the perfect highlight shade for me.


Peachykeen is such a gorgeous, natural-looking blush. A good summer color for sure! It's not super pigmented, it's a sheertone blush, but when you're going for a natural "i'm not wearing a lot of makeup" (but you really are) look, this is perfect.

Cannot live without!

I absolutely love this primer. It was the first high-end product I ever owned and I've never regretted it for a second. Though I don't use it absolutely every day, I've had this product for a year and I still have tons left. The only con is the fact that it's not a pump or a squeeze, the brush goes out and right back in the tube which is just a breeding ground for bacteria. (Always swipe the product onto your clean hand and then apply to your eye!) Other than that, this product is flawless.

Just 'alright'

I was hoping to be blown away from this product, but I wasn't. I used it two days in a row and it made my skin SO dry (which is crazy because I have very oily skin). I even used moisturizer and my skin stayed extremely dry. I might try using this product once a week, but I'll give my skin a break for a little while before I try again.


I've only had this product for two weeks and already consider it my holy grail powder. It blends so smoothly and seamlessly onto my skin. I also think it's true to it's "Skin Clearing" name because I haven't experienced one breakout since using this product and I have very acne-prone, sensitive skin. I love this product so much! I'll be doing a full review on it on my YouTube channel in a couple weeks, so check that out to see my updated opinion.

My fav!

Such a beautiful scent. Very subtle but also noticeable. My hubby also likes it on me :) I've tried many other perfumes but nothing compares to Princess. I wear it constantly!

I adore this product. It has done wonders for my hair. I have straight, oily hair and it doesn't seem to make it greasy, just soft! The only issue I have is that the bottle leaks - don't know if it's just my bottle or what. But I suggest always storing it upright & pack it separately when traveling.

My Go-To Powder

I ran out of this powder a couple weeks ago and went ahead and decided to try other powders. I've bought two different powders.. And have not been satisfied. I miss my Maybelline Fit Me! & will be going soon to purchase another one. It sets my foundation wonderfully and keeps my oily t-zone under control. My fav! xo

Amazing first impression!

I've only been using this product for a couple days.. And I must say, it has already done wonders for my skin! It is incredibly gentle, but very effective. I have some spots on my skin that are VERY dry and some spots that are VERY oily and this cleanser just has the right touch for each spot. Loving it SO much.

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