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This was my first and go to eyelash adhesive. I have purchased the bigger size from my MAC counter and regular one from Target. It holds my lashes, although I have to reapply at times. The thing I hate about it is the smell! It smells, well, like fish. I thought at first it has just gone bad for having it for so long. Then when I got a new one it had the same bad smell.

I purchased this product from Ulta after watching Kandee Johnson's video about how she uses this to tease her hair. I instantly fell in love and forgot my simple rat tail comb. My hair is super thick and I have a lot! This brush totally cuts my time down in teasing my hair that I can focus on other things. It teases my hair quickly and I won't have to work as hard getting the amount of volume that I want.

DO NOT BUY! Unless you want something that's harsh on your face then go for it. I got this brush with a Christmas set a few years ago and it was a total disappointment.

Washing the brush - The red dye comes off after a few washes. I tried using conditioner on the brush to soften it up but it didn't work.

It scratches my face and doesn't do a good job in applying powder.

This is probably the number one ELF brush that's raved about on YouTube. All the gurus talk about how they love it and how it's a must have.

It took me several of months to get this brush because I didn't want to order just one item from them online and have to pay extra for shipping. I was so happy that they started carrying it at my local Target.

I was skeptical at first because I have owned a couple of brushes from ELF previously that became scratchy on my skin and what afraid that the powder brush would be the same. To my surprise it's the total opposite. This brush is so dense and soft I actually prefer it over my sigma powder brush due to the fact that it gives me better coverage and more blend-able.

For $3 it's worth a shot to try and I may even purchase another just for back up.

Go to hair product.

This is probably the only hair product that I use. With my hair style & texture I make sure that my hair is to my liking everyday. I wash my hair every other day and in the morning before I leave so I must blow dry my hair and then I straighten it. I spray the heat tamer onto my hair and it has helped major with protecting it. Since I do use heat everyday (which is bad I know) this product has prevented my hair from drying out and gaining split ends.

Price - cheap. Packaging - Easy to use spritz bottle. Although terrible to travel with unless you keep the stopper.

Love, love, love!

I received my palette as a birthday gift this year & was so excited! I cleaned my brushes just to try this palette out, LOL. Anyhow, it's perfect especially for traveling. It's a small palette that you can bring with you on the go as a posed to say a MAC one.

Price wise - it is more expensive especially to the other palettes that are comparable to this one for example NYX & E.L.F.

Quality - good

Packaging - I kind of like the suede because I can have a grip of the palette when I'm using it. My palette, however came with an eyeshadow brush instead of the two 24/7 liners. I wasn't at all disappointed with that because I can always use brushes in my makeup collection.

I bought two of these lipsticks and fell in love. Everything about it is great except for taking it off. The pigmentation is so strong that it stays on your lips after trying to remove it. So good luck trying to.

This is my current mascara that I'm in love with. It accentuates the length of my lashes and gives them a fuller look. Ever since I started using this product I never went back to lashes.

This is the only blush that I ever put onto my cheeks. It's pigmented and it lasts the whole day! There is slight shimmer but not too much. It's perfect for my skin tone.

This was my very first makeup palette and I still love it. It's great for beginners and I found it really useful when I bought it with me to travel. I didn't have to worry about not bringing the color that I wanted to use. I had trouble and seem to still have this problem, deciding what colors I want to apply.

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