Beauty Product Reviews

Excellent price & quality!

Surprisingly, for a one dollar palette, these shadows come out very vibrant and actually stays on (as long as you have some type of primer/base underneath). I love these little quads! And you just can't beat $1!

LOVE, LOVE! A must have for my eyes!

I love this little thing! I can curl EVERY hair with precision, even the lashes in the corners where it's hard to get with a regular sized curler. I love this especially for the inner and outer corners of my eyes.

Very pigmented!

Creamy and some colors are bright enough to be used on the lips too! Don't like how easily it stains your cheeks before you get to rub it around. I'd use a brush, slightly tap some color onto it, tap your cheeks and gradually work the color around. Don't like how overwhelming some of these colors can get! It doesn't spread that easily without a brush..

I like that my brows don't look as sharp. It looks slightly more natural and I can go as thick as I want. The powder grabs onto the little bits of hair that I do have quite nicely, but it still looks funny on the areas lacking hair. I would purchase again, but I don't like that it doesn't last as long as I'd hoped.

I like it, but probably wouldn't get it again.

I love the highlighter end of the stick, it really does make your brow bones much more prominent and it's awesome as a base too! The pencil gives it more of a defined brow look, but I don't like it's texture. It can glide on a bit cakey/ chunky.. Definitely have to make sure to sweep it with a brow brush a couple time to smooth it out.

Great afforable base!

Comes in a little jar (my personal preference). Thick creamy texture. Matches my skin tone, so it works great as a concealer with awesome coverage! This base is my favorite for an everyday neutral makeup. This eye shadow doesn't last as long as the HD base, but the colors are still much more intense than no base at all and it will last throughout the whole day.

Lasted for over 24 hours & still vibrant!

Has a wand applicator.Creamy liquid texture. Amazing for bright color eye shadows! Makes colors really POP! Eye shadow lasts ALL day and night. The 24-hours later, the color was STILL just as vibrant. It won't even smudge in the slightest when I try to rub it off really hard. Great for if you know you're going to be sweating or partying hard! I would definitely say this is well up there with the Urban Decay Primer Potion.

OK. Not worth the price tag.

They're are so many other brands out their that do the same exact thing, but for far cheaper. I love OPI, I love the whole shatter/ crackle effect, I just prefer to it up on a budget when it comes to this. THEY ALL WORK THE SAME.


I will never use another type of top coat again. :) Loveeeee how fast it dries and how long my polishes last! Use this and the base coat together, and your polish will last for weeeeeks!

Love how moisturizing these lipsticks feel! Colors are bright and very pigmented. I'm not a big fan of the fact that some of the colors rub off quite easily. But I'll still keep purchasing them nonetheless!

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