NYX Cosmetics

Eyebrow Push-Up Bra


Mrs B.

I absolutely love both side of this pencil. I already have pretty thick brows so I don't need much to gill em in so this works perfectly! & the highlighter does wonders for my eyes. Glides on so smooth. Overall LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Michelle D.

I think this pencil is good for quick, on-the-go brows. I have a hard time trying to get my brows to look filled in because I feel the pencil is too hard. Also, the highlighter is too peach for my skin.

Brittani Y.

An interesting buy. I bought this after I saw a beauty guru use it in a video because it seemed like a fast and easy way to get a quick brow. I do not do much shading because I Already have thick brows so it was good for that, but the brow side is difficult to apply if you're looking for a darker tint. I do like the highlighter side. I use it for my brow bone and nose to get a little highlight. I would not repurchase though

Jen W.
I like it, but probably wouldn't get it again.

I love the highlighter end of the stick, it really does make your brow bones much more prominent and it's awesome as a base too! The pencil gives it more of a defined brow look, but I don't like it's texture. It can glide on a bit cakey/ chunky.. Definitely have to make sure to sweep it with a brow brush a couple time to smooth it out.

Kiki P.
like it at first

hard to sharpin. the side that is for defining your brows is really firm and i have to apply alot of pressure to get it to work with my dark brows. love the highlight side tho i use it under my eyes to brighten them and my brow bone. would not repurchase