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Works pretty good as a primer but....

overall it didn't help minimize my pores. I got a sample from the benefit counter and I was very excited to try it but I'm glad I didnt buy it. This product is just a smooth kinda thick TINTED paste that works as "filler" on your pores, it's also very SCENTED. Not a bad smell at all but it's too perfumey. I think it works great as a primer for oily skin because it's mattifing but it didn't do anything to minimize my pores. Results are similar to MAC's Matte Creme.

I love it!

I got a pretty good deal..bought mine at Costco for $36 and it came with the cleanser, batteries, and 2 brushes. I've had it for a couple of weeks and I think it's helped my skin feel smoother, cleaner and also minimized my pores a little. Def recommend it. The brush is softer than I expected but you can always apply more/less pressure. The only downside is that I wish it was timed but overall it works pretty good.

Details about this palette

I bought this on Hautelook and just received it in the mail today. I haven't used it yet but I'm already loving it. The palette comes with 12 different shadows, 5 which are matte. It comes with a double sided side is for eyeshadow and the other is for eyelining (angled brush). The palette is very thin with a large mirror and a magnetic cover. Overall I think the eyeshadow are kinda small but very pigmented. I paid $19 plus shipping.

For the price this nail polish is good but keep in mind they are small. The downsides are 1.) there's been a lot of talk about them doing animal testing on rabbits which I don't know if it's true or not. 2.) their shelf life isn't as long. Mine started getting really thick after like a year or so. I haven't had that problem with Revlon's nail polishes.

Good but I think it's over-rated

When I first got this I had a HORRIBLE experience. I don't know how or why but the first time I used it it CUT my eyelashes really bad. I was soo mad and I couldn't figure out how it happened but I was very scared to use it again. My eyelashes took FOREVER to grow back out...I'm talking months with barely any lashes on my right eye. I was determined to return it but I ended up keeping it and not using it for months. Now it's my everyday curler and it works good...haven't had any problems with it since I started using it again. Personally, I don't see what the big deal is. It curls your eyelashes (just like most drugstore curlers do). You lashes will go down again throughout the day (the usual). For the money I would say it's better to go with something cheaper (Revlon?). It's just a well known brand.

I bought the purple one (daydream). The colors are very pretty and shimmery. The disappointment was that they are sheer. For the money I think they are okay...maybe a different color or using a primer might be the key. If you want a look using the purples please let me know.


I bought this because of the great reviews. I wanted to start taking care of my skin so I spent about $70 for this...the cleanser and the night cream. I have been using this on and off because it's hard to use a product on a daily basis when you hate the smell of it. The smell is really strong (reminds me of hair dye). For the price I was expecting to see more drastic results. However I do feel that it helped to lighten a small sun spot that I have on my face. Overall I think that there are better products out there. If you want soft skin at a cheap price then look into Nivea Soft. If you want to see amazing results and you are willing to spend a couple hundred dollars then check out Chanel's skincare line...even a sample will rock your world. I wouldn't purchase this again..not even if it smelled better..for that much money I expected more.

I use it everyday

This has been my everyday eyeliner for years. It works great and it's easy to apply. The formula is super dark with just one coat. There are many eyeliners out there but this one is perfect for me. I thought about switching to MAC Fluidline because of the great reviews but there's no point in switching... I am very satisfied with this product and you can't beat the price (around $7 at Walmart).

I have a few of these...I really like them. The scent doesn't come until they dry. They smell super good. Cotton Candy and Bubble Gum are my favorite scents. However, my experience was that these don't work with the shatter nail polish. I tried the white OPI shatter and it didn't work at all. I guess it's something about the scented formula.

They last forever

I don't have any other blushes to compare to but I think this product is pretty good. A litle goes a long way and they blend easily. I bought Melba years ago and I used it everyday for a while and there's still plenty of product left. One of my favorites is Dollymix which is a hot pink. However, I don't think everyone can pull off such a bright color. My second favorite is Sunbasque which is a peachy color with shimmer. Sunbasque is a must for the's very pretty and bronzie.

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