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Best moisturizer!!

This moisturizer is just amazing!! It doesn't clog my pores, make me break out or mess up my skin. It moisturizes the skin and makes your skin super soft. I usually put this on before I go to bed and in the next morning the skin is not dry at all! The cream is either not very thick or very watery. It's just good as it is. The only complaint I have is the pump which pumps to much and it's a little hard to control. However the product is fantastic and I would recommend this to anyone that have dry skin or dry patches, this will do wonders for you!


Love the nail polish and the color is so vibrant and pink! I really like the brush, you could do your nails really quick because it's larger than normal brushes. You have to be careful not applying to much, do more layers, for me I think two layers is enough. It also dries quick and stay on for a long while, and doesn't chip before some days of wearing, but that's normal. It's also a lot of nailpolish in the bottle!

This is really one of the best nail polishes I've tried, and I have like 50.. This is a good drugstore nailpolish!

Too big brush, but curls, lengthens and is longwearing'

My eyelashes are thin and not extremely long, they're like medium length, and I'm always looking for a mascara that curls, lengthens and has good staying power. And this one does all the things. To be honest I didn't have really good expectations to this mascara, I didn't think it would do anything to my lashes, but actually it's really good!! I always use my Mac prep+prime underneath, which makes my lashes appear longer and more curled, but the mascara work good alone too! Which my telescopic doesn't do(doesn't lengthen as good if you don't use another mascara underneath).

Pros: -Really black -Long wearing -Removes easy(I got the normal version) -Lengthens with 3 mm or something. -Curls my lashes really well, even if I didn't curl my lashes before applying. -doesn't smudge

Cons: -brush is really fat and big, a bit hard to use -packaging is a bit big to store because of the shape

I would definitely repurchase this mascara!' The best drugstore mascara I've ever tried(normally I prefer high end but this mascara is better than many of the dior ones)

Too shimmery...

Nearly all the colors are shimmery, it would have been fantastic if for example the champagne one was more matte. The colors are good and pigmented, blends easily. Good to be drugstore Longwearing without primer, 4-5 hours, I don't have especially oily eyelids, I think they're normal. Doesn't flake or have fallouts Colors look good together

Cons: It easily breaks The packaging is a bit bad, it will get damaged if you lose it on floor, another of my maybelline eyeshadow palettes doesn't do this. Too shimmery colors

However the product is totally worth the money!

Lengthening and defining

This mascara works really well! Pros: Lengthens, but I always use Mac prep and prime underneath, which makes my lashes super long! About 2-5mm Which make a big difference when it comes to lashes. Black-black! Extremely black mascara! Defines my lashes well. But be sure you don't have too much on the brush. Love the packaging, really cool Doesn't smudge a lot during day!

Cons: I'm not too fan of the brush, it's super easy to get too much product on the eyes, so beware. It could have been even more lengthening

The color is amazing!!!

I have both deliciously rich and black track. I love the formulation and the "gel"ish substance, the only downside is that it smudges a lot after 3 1/2 to 4 hours. Deliciously rich is soo beautiful, with gold sparkles in a dark brown "gel". I feel like the black track smudges more than d. Rich.


Lengthens, defines and your lashes get a lot of volume! The only bad thing is that it's hard to wash off.. I feel like i lose lashes each day when I rub and wash it off.

Bad coverage and not long lasting

The foundation is light and liquid, easy to blend and looks shiny on face. I've never got breakout. Complaint: Bad coverage, it doesn't coverage any blemishes or other breakouts so it is most suitable for them with perfect skin. The colors has a hint of orange color, I think.. I'm going to school so I need a foundation that last all day, and this foundation just last for about 4 hours when you use setting powder. You have to use setting powder if you want a longer lasting look..

smudges, but great black color

I've tried about 7 mac mascaras and I just think two of them is good, and this is not one of them. Great: the two brushes concept is smart, you can choose if you want natural or dramatic. black color lot of product in the tube good for short time use Bad: if you choose the big brush, dramatic, the mascara smudges a lot more and it easily clumps. clumps with many layers not long lasting doesn't make your lashes look longer

Not long lasting, bad coverage, NOT worth the money

I've used this foundation since summer and I have to say that i'm not a fan. The foundation looks great for about 2 or 3 hours, this foundation is not long lasting and have bad coverage. I want a foundation that can cover blemishes, but if you want light coverage this is the foundation for you. But of course there is something good about it too, the colts is beautiful and they have many shades. But overall, this foundation is not worth the money..

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