True Match Lumi Healthy Luminous Makeup SPF 20

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Cameron R.
An Inexpensive Alternative to my Costly HG Product!

I normally wear and am loyal to MUFE Face & Body foundation, so when I heard this was a light, water-based, and sheer-medium coverage with a satin finish I had to try this stuff out. I purchased this for around $11.00 at my local Walmart, which is on the pricier side for a drugstore foundation. When I saw this had a pump, I got extremely happy because I refuse to buy a foundation that doesn't come with a pump, no matter how great the product itself is. I also noticed the shade line up while vast, is somewhat discombobulated: N5 was too light and pink for me, N4 appeared darker than N5, W6 was more olive, but too dark and W5 was too yellow but just the right depth. IT WAS IRRITATING BEYOND BELIEF. So I just grabbed Sun Beige because I figured I could just work with it, or return it when I have the patience to spend 20 minutes testing for the best shade in a crowded store. When I actually got to put it on, I noticed the consistency was like a very creamy and watery emulsion (think Lubriderm body lotion). This product didn't dry very quickly so it gives me more time to blend, or too build up extra product where I need to. The coverage is indeed sheer to medium. It evened out my tone, slightly blurred any existing blemishes I did have while all while still showing my natural skin. The finish is a very nice satin finish which basically just feels semi-matte. It lasted on me about maybe 3 hours my first time before I had to blot, and so the second time I wore this I decided to set with a loose setting powder and it lasted for about 6 hours without getting too oily (which is the norm with me and almost every foundation anyway.) The foundation faded a bit by the end of a long day, but when I got home I still had quite a bit of product rinsing off in the sink so I was happy with that. The incorrect color match I had was really distracting me from what I liked about this foundation, so I eventually decided to go back and play with different shades and found that Buff Beige WAS actually neutral unlike the other "neutrals", and the depth of color was perfect for my skin tone and my problem was solved.

Overall, I am impressed with this foundation, and it has become one of my new drugstore foundations. It has not caused me any breakouts or irritation, created excessive shine, and it just makes me look great without making me look like someone else. As if right now I would definitely repurchase this for winter use because it's more moisturizing and more nourishing than my other foundation but I will honestly probably stick to my F&B foundation in the summer because it's sweat and water resistant and feels lighter on the skin. In response to the negative reviews about this product pertaining to the "need" to re-apply every two hours,lack of coverage and the dewiness: If you completely read the instructions, you are ONLY supposed to reapply this every two hours if you are using this solely as a sunscreen. And for the lack of coverage and dewy finish? Do you guys not read product descriptions before you just buy them? This is NOT marketed, or intended to be a matte, full or even a medium coverage foundation. You can't give a foundation a bad review for not doing what it wasn't intended to do.z

EDIT: I have recently just started breaking out with this foundation all over my cheek and jaw area. I love the finish and effect and just everything about this foundation, but if it breaks me out this badly I would need to purchase something with fuller coverage anyway to cover up all the blemishes it gives me. I knew it was either this or MAC strobe cream, but I continued getting new blemishes days after I had quit using the strobe cream. Returned today and purchased Neutrogena Shine Control.

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Courtney W.
Good for Olive Complexions

Let me first say that you shouldn't be lured in or scared away by the "Lumi" aspect of this foundation. I was expecting it to have the obnoxious (but lovely!) glitzy finish that Revlon's Photo Ready had but that's hardly the case. It has a BIT of a sheen but not enough to shimmer in the sunlight.

Second point, I have olive complected skin which makes it difficult for me to find foundation shades that agree with my skintone. I'm typically an NC30 in MAC during the fall/winter months and the Sun Beige is perfect.

I find that this foundation is best applied with a dense, synthetic brush. I use my Sigma F88 for this.

I set it with my Everyday Minerals mineral powder in Light Olive (Semi-Matte formula) with my Sigma F80, a flat kabuki brush, by lightly pressing it in my skin so I don't push the foundation all over my face.

Hope this helps!

xoxo, Courtney

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Hannah C.
Best Drugstore Foundation I Have Ever Owned
Photo of product included with review by Hannah C.

I am a LOYAL supporter of True Match LUMI foundation. It's drugstore but it doesn't FEEL drugstore, if that makes sense. I have oily skin and it even works for me.

It blends beautifully and photographs beautifully despite the fact it has SPF in it, which is a huge plus! It means you can pretty much wear this stuff to any occasion and not have to worry about pictures. The coverage can be sheer, but is build-able to a good medium coverage. I'd even be as bold to say this would be great for even older/more mature skin, regardless of skin type.

If you're in search of a good foundation that you can pick up while you're doing your grocery shopping, lol, give this one a try!

Natalie D.
favorite drugstore foundation ever

I have combo skin leaning more towards the oily side and this doesn't budge. I wore it to my brother's birthday party at 1pm and it didn't budge until 2am.

Melanie P.
Love the foundation !! Highly recommended

I really enjoy this foundation great coverage .. Hides all my imperfection it's not heavy on my skin at all I highly recommended it comes on various shades which is great .. It also has that dewy finish which I love .. Also the true match powder is good with it It's also drugstore so it's affordable to anyone

Rachel C.

Yes yes yes!!!!!! Perfect. Best coverage I've ever found in a foundation, color match is also fantastic. The only issue I've recently been having (after months of wearing the same bottle) is that recently it has started to blotch around my t bone area on my forehead, this may be due to my temperamental skin but when this bottle runs out I might try another foundation, doubt there will be something with as great coverage!!

Randi S.
A Dupe to Nars Sheer Glow

I know I may be reaching here, however I own both this and Nars Sheer Glow and this is my go to drugstore foundation. It has a creamy feel with a lightweight breathable finish. It leaves a subtle natural glow and is easily applied with a beauty blender or a foundation brush of your choosing. I set mine with a translucent powder to not take away from the foundations finish and apply my normal makeup. I do use an oil reducing primer due to my oily skin. However the product has never effected my skin in a negative way.

Madison H.

Beautiful coverage! Covers well but is not cakey at all! I use this ad an everyday foundation, it does need to be set with a powder so it doesn't move around! Coverage lasts for a while! Love this foundation

Karen B.

My everyday foundation. I like that it has a light to medium coverage and it feels so light on my skin. You can definitely build up the coverage but for everyday use I just go for a half a pump and lightly put it on my face with a stippling brush and it works wonders!

Kimberly T.

So, I wanted to try this for the longest time but had tons of other foundations I wanted to use up first. Well I finally gave in & purchased this one. I was so so so excited that I went straight home, took my makeup off, & started applying this. I have rather normal, boring skin. A little oily in the smoldering, humid summer weather of Ga & just a little dry in the dry winters (just humidity & climate changes). I read online that this was a rather moisturizing foundation so I figured it'd be perfect for winter.. When I first applied it, I was defiantly not impressed.. I looked cakey, I'm only seventeen & I had crazy looking wrinkles in places I wasn't even sure you could have wrinkles. I took it off & didn't mess with it for a few days, i recently went back & tried it again. But this time over two moisturizers, a primer, & a bb cream. I look completely flawless. I will take the few extra steps to be able to wear this because the coverage & finish is amazing. The foundation has a medium coverage, able to build, & gives the most healthy glow! I receive compliments every time I wear this!