DiorShow Iconic Mascara


Ashli-Mei J.

I started using this mascara years ago, and I still use it now. I like this mascara a lot, I find that it gives me pretty good length, it separates my lashes and it doesn't look clumpy. I use this with an eyelash primer first than my mascara on top, giving my lashes more volume and length.

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Tatianna  V.

This mascara is absolutely phenomenal. One of my favorites out there. I love the brush and the way it makes my lashes look nice and long without being over dramatic. It stays on very well and it's not a pain to try and wipe off at the end of the night.

Tiril S.

Lengthens, defines and your lashes get a lot of volume! The only bad thing is that it's hard to wash off.. I feel like i lose lashes each day when I rub and wash it off.