Beauty Product Reviews


i have been using this eyeliner for a really long time. i have 3 out of the 4 shades. lets just say, ive used most of about all of them. i love how easy it is to apply the eyeliner to your eyes. but i must say the blackest black shade is litterally the balckest black ive ever used ! and ive compared this to stila,MAC,makeupforever,sephora. and i will handsdown say that for a dark color go for this one (:

Holy Grail <3

Ive been contemplationg to buy this primer because of the price.... so after about 10 samples i decided that i was going to give it a try. when i went to sephora to buy it ... i bought in the professional size. That right there should show you how much i love the product . You dont need a huge amount for your eyes for them to last all day. This primer is great and if someone was to buy it i would reccomend them to buy the professional size.

Great for the price

I bought this product about a year ago in about like 3 shades, now a year later i have almost all of the shades (: i do alot of free lance makeup and these come in handy as bases. however, if i dont use a primer they will crease because of how creamy the product is. ive used the shades milk and black bean on halloween as i turned myself into rumpleteazer from CATS so i had a full face of just stripes and colors on my face. Needless to say these products did not let me down . (:

melts my makeup off :)

i love this product just for the very fact that it is a makeup removing gets my makeup off really fast .. its very true to the advertisments. plus i can tell that it doesnt have alot of product on the wipe so when you put it on your eye it doesnt try to blind you with product running into your eye. i will be buying this for a while till i find omething better for this use

amazing !

ok, so i layer my mascaras and use two of them to make them look like falsies rather than all bleh. when i bought this mascara at first i had mixed signals about it. but now i layer it with the falsies flared mascara and lets just say.. it makes the boys say hey :) i LOVE this mascara because it seperates my lashes WITHOUT clumping . this is most likely one of my holy grail mascaras. i will most likely use this mascara for the rest of my life with the falsies flared on top :)

great for little coverage and staying power

i love this foundation.. because it matches my skin really wellbleands easily, gives the amount of coverage i want , and it has spf ! but the cons are it doesnt stay on at all .. i have combination skin and this only liasted about 4 hours without it looking like it came completely off . i use the powder too and think thats better. another con is that the finish is very dewy/greasy. but with the powder on top it goes away .

greasy mess

i gave this primer a try since it was drugstore ... but inoticed that after a few times it became curdy and more oil than product.. so i decided to shake it up reallly well before using it .. no luck still the same. it applies really smooth but i dont think it can keep te staying power as the rimmel fix and perfect primer which is my fave drugstore primer .

Better than Urban decay

i LOVE these eyeliners for the simple fact that i can dress up any look and still try to keep it looking natural . i have about 6 of the colors and they all show up tremendously even thou i do recommend using the nyx jumbo penicl underneath if you would like for the colors to be brighter .. and a base so they wont fly up into your crease when you blink. i use these in my kit alll the time because when someone wants a fun look they tend to go for color and a little bit of glitter :) i think everymakeup artist should have these in their kit

Great for starting

ive had this palette for about a year now.. i use some of the colors daily but i dont really use all the colors now that i know that are sooo many looks i can do i will start using it . ive had used these palette for a fashion shows and it was cute for the little kids to be like well i want the hot pink and the teal and the lime green, i would have been able to provide that to them. the palette is great for halloween . i used it for tiger striped eyes for costume day at school.this palette is great for beginners thats the main rewhy i purchased this palette. there are some cons tho . the eye shadow fall out of the pan easily, ive had two in the ultra shimmer that did.. some of the eyesgadows are too chalky with alot of fallout. and some dont show up t all .. those are usually the one that i dont reach for . but other than that, this palette is great in my opinion . i continue to get products from coastal scents because of the prices and quality of their makeup.

ive had this chapstick for about 7 months now .. i love it .. but a few problems ive had is the size even though i think the little sphere is cute . also, when you apply so much it leaves a residue on your lips. other than that it makes my lips really smooth :)