Beauty Product Reviews


I really, really like this tinted moisturizer. I never use it because the one I have is too dark for me :( The finish is great, the feel is wonderful, and it lasts long.

Really love!

I've been using this foundation for a really long time, and I really like it! The shimmer is really small and doesn't accentuate pores, for me it has a semi-matte finish, and it long wearing. By the end of my school day, it hasn't gotten shiny and has stayed put. I think it would work for oily skin more than dry.


These eyeshadows are pigmented, smooth, and have a good lasting time. I really this particular one because it has all my essential shades I need for a natural look. What I don't like about the shadows is the one matte shade. I think there should be two matte's and two shimmery shades, just for some balance, but that's just me. Overall, it's a fairly good product!


This lipgloss is VERY similar to the Mac Pro Longwear Lipglasses. Both are drying, sticky, but SUPER opaque. The wand itself is pretty standard, and it picks up a lot of the gloss, so you really only need two applications (just the be sure of your lip line and whatnot). Like the Pro Longwear Lipglasses, if you wear balm+lipliner underneath it'll cut down the stickiness of the gloss.

I love these!

I usually buy brushes in sets because they're cheaper and I like have the little pouches they have for traveling. These brushes are amazing! They're so soft, and so unique in what type of brushes they are. I love the 'large eye brush' for highlighting rather than the actual 'high lighting brush' Totally recommend!

Pigmented and Bright!

I bought the Blue Blowout about a week ago, played with it, and fell in love! It's SO pigmented! The packaging of the eyeshadows are weird, and kind of small, but it does look cool. The packaging just isn't very practical for eyeshadow.

Creamy, Smooth, and Pigmented!

I bought the color 330 Divine, and it's the weirdest purple color I own. It's a pink-purple with cool undertones, and I LOVE it! It's not really long wearing, and the one I have does slightly stains my lips. But other than that, it's a really nice drugstore lipstick!


I have the 3rd edition palette, and, by god, it's AMAZING. There are a mix of unique and some staple colors that are all pigmented and blendable. If that is a word haha!

It's alright.

After about a month using the eyeliner pen, it went dry and the tip became like the tip of a marker that has been used too much. If you want something that will last, don't buy it. If you don't wear eyeliner that much and want to try it out, get it.


It definitely does the job, and you only need the tiniest bit! I've been in need of a good eyeshadow primer for a long time, and I'm really glad I have TFSI!