Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15

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Tiara R.
love it so fair!!

I love the coverage it has on my face and i love that its light weight and also protects my skin from the sun. I use this when i do not feel like wearing my foundation to give my self a made up look with out wearing to much make up

Haze L.

I love this tinted moisturizer, it looks good, you can get a lot of coverage from it and it also does not rub off onto your clothes like other moisturizers have, it seems to stick to your face a lot better. I use it instead of foundation because I think it works just as good if not better on my skin then foundation does, it does not cake and looks natural and looks great even when you are going out.

Donna T.
Best Tinted Moisturizer!

I absolutely love this product. I have never used a better tinted moisturizer ever! The Hard Candy one from Walmart is a close second, so if you're looking for a cheaper alternative check that out.. but this one is absolutely my favorite. The consistency is great, I love the packaging since it's so easy to use & decide how much you want, the colors seem to be right for all skin tones, it's a long lasting product.. I literally cannot say enough great things about this.

Melanie E.
Great for Summer

This is one of my summer essentials. I have combination skin. And this product doesn't make my t-zone become oily. Its lightweight and provides sheer coverage. This gave me a dewy complexion. I use this in combination with MAC's Studio Careblend Pressed Powder for pure perfection. And I love that it has sunscreen in it as well.

Caitlin F.

I really, really like this tinted moisturizer. I never use it because the one I have is too dark for me :( The finish is great, the feel is wonderful, and it lasts long.

Jen C.
Who knew a tinted moisturizer could be great for oily skin?!

Before trying out this TM, I had first gotten Laura Mercier's TM, which I did not like. Then I got this, and alas, I'm in love! I have VERRRYYY oily skin, so I was pleasantly surprised when the finish of this was matte. Being what it is, I'm giving it 5 stars. I typically like a full coverage face, but this is great for days when I just want to even out my complexion. I finish it off with powder, and I'm good to go. It does have a slight chemical-y smell and the SPF odor is there, but it doesn't bother me. This is great for the summer, especially for the Hawaii heat!

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Valencia J.
My best friend

im not a big fan of a whole bunch of face makeup! this, right here is amazing!! for me it is anyway!. it blends in with my skin well... if you prime the face first and add this... its gives you a great look.. and if you have dark spots you can conceal and put on some blush!

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Kausar A.
Not too good for dry skin

This has good enough coverage for a tinted moisturizer but since my skin is dry, it didn't work too well for me as it accentuated the dryness. Only when my skin was THOROUGHLY pre-moisturized was when this product worked well (which kind of defeats the purpose as this is supposed to be a tinted moisturizer). It has a matte finish so it will most likely work well with more oily skin types.

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Linda T.
Love the coverage!!!

I usually stay away from MAC foundation because I find that their foundations are very heavy and cakey. However, THIS is amazing! Started using it at the beginning of the summer and loved it! It goes on lightly with great coverage, but if you want heavier coverage it does that too, you just have to apply a little more. I've mixed it with MAC Lustre Drops and it gave me a dewey look which I also loved. To give it more of a matte look just apply pressed powder with a powder/kabuki brush and you're all set! Best of all, it moisturizes! :)

Paulette C.
I love it!

I use this every summer and it works really well and for the winter i make it Matte with pressed powder but it still works well. I wont stop using this it works really well

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