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This is an amazing pigment! It was soft and blended beautifully.

As for Paperdoll, it is a very soft lavender. It takes an additional layer or so to get opaque covering, but it's worth it! It stayed all day and didn't crease when used with a thin layer of primer underneath. Also, I didn't experience any fall out. However, it is very important that you pack on the pigment before you start blending. This way, you get the most out of the product.

Overall, i'm excited to try out more colors!


I usually like pencil liners over liquid liners, especially when going for a bold color. Normally, I use my Avon pencil eyeliners, but they always smudge a bit. I considered buying the Urban Decay ones, but they are just too expensive! When NYX came out with these, I figured that i'd give it a shot!

These don't move at all! And all of the amazing colors allow me to be very creative with what I want to do any day. They are long wearing, very pigmented, and inexpensive! What more could you ask for?

Pictured is a combination of Gypsy Blue, Turquoise Blue, and Aqua Green.

One of my favorites!

To begin, this product lives up to its name. The felt liner tip is fine (in terms of both shape and amazingness)! It works beautifully when lining the inner corners, making an exact cat-eye edge, or just trying to go for a more natural, thin line.

The pigmentation is solid and it glides on like a dream!

I recommend this for everyone, but especially if you're trying marker tipped eyeliners for the first time. Since it is so thin, you can easily control where you mark, and build up if you want! And of course~ it's inexpensive!

Important and Amazing Product!

Taking your makeup off at the end of the day is one of the most important steps to your skincare routine. Many problems can occur if it is left on, so that's why an effective remover is so vital! This takes off EVERYTHINGGG. Face, eyes, lips, waterproof, long-lasting, ...everything! I also used the towelettes in the past, but this bottle and some cotton pads lasts longer and is more economic.

And of course Neutrogena's products are inexpensive and available everywhere!

The only reason I took off half a star was because of the residue it leaves on the face after, but this is easily remedied by a washcloth and some water.

Amazing product for low cost!

The reason this product is so amazing is its formula. Because of the 2% salicylic acid (an effective BHA), this treatment really gets into your pores and cleans them from the inside out. It leaves your skin feeling very soft and creates a matte finish. It doesn't irritate my skin at all and from what i've seen on a day to day basis, it really is making a difference.

The important thing about this product is to use it the way your skin can handle it. I started by using it two times a day without any other moisturizer because the product itself is supposed to do that. It really dried out my skin. Now, I use it once a day (maybe even once every other day) and immediately follow with an oil free moisturizer and my skin is fine.

And of course the best thing of all is the price! Other BHAs can get to be very expensive. Neutrogena did an amazing job with this product!

The first thing you'll experience with this lip stick is a really cool tingling effect that actually lasts a while. This can be used as a lip liner, lip stick, or both! The formula is creamy and feels great on the lips. I didn't really experience a plumping effect, but it did smooth my lips a bit.

Pictured: New Orleans with Tara Buxom lip gloss on top.

Great Texture and Colors!

When I first saw this in Sephora, I was immediately attracted to the cute packaging! Ever color has a corresponding dog and in general, the colors are very vibrant. The texture is incredible! It's spongy, soft, and easily blendable. I've been using the more neutral colors as all over lid colors and the more vibrant colors as eyeliners. (in the picture Whippet is all over my lid, Saint Bernard is liner on the top, Pekingese is liner on the bottom).

I recently bought Saint Bernard (teal/sea green) and then the "palette" which is really just four of the pots. The colors in the palette are Whippet (light champagne), Mutt (bronze), Pekingese (Oceany Blue), and Terrier (Violet/Magenta). I definitely recommend this palette (available at Sephora) because you get three new shades not available separately!

This definitely adds length and volume, but I have to go back with a clean brush to separate some of the lashes that stuck together. After that, it looks very dramatic and defined. The brush that comes with the mascara is wonderful and the part that cleans the brush is a pretty neat addition. As it dries, it leaves my lashes feeling crunchy, but luckily I don't experience flaking.


this stung my face. This is particularly odd since I don't have sensitive skin, but reading other reviews shows me that I am not alone. I bought a 10 sheet travel size waiting on line at Ulta and decided to give it a shot. They smell lovely and very fresh (as every cucumber product should!), but were far from soothing on my skin.

Seeing that only some people are affected by this, I recommend buying the travel size like I did first, just in case you react poorly. If it does work for you, i'm jealous! Haha.

Definitely a Convo Starter!

I have this in Honeysuckle Honeydew and Summer Fruit. Both smell very nice but aren't terribly moisturizing. I bought them in the winter and my lips definitely needed something more. Now that the weather isn't drying I can use them and alone they will suffice :)

But indeed i'm a sucker for cute packaging and these never fail to gain inquisitive looks from friends and anyone else nearby!

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