Oil-Free Acne Stress Control 3-in-1 Hydrating Acne Treatment


Branka P.

I quite like this product because it does help diminish and prevent pimples. However, only for a short while. My skin gets used to it within a few weeks so I have to switch between this and Avene Cleanance K. Tthis is nothing unusual since all skincare with AHAs and BHAs acts like this on me, i.e. my skin gets used to it so I have to stop using it for a while. Other than that, this is an excellent treatment. It smells very fresh so I feel relaxed while applying it, the quantity is quite generous (60 ml is more than any moisturizer from a European brand) and it didn't irritate or dry out my skin. And the price is pretty low as well.

Aimee Anne U.
Good for sensitive skin with minor blemishes.

This is a wonderful product for people with sensitive skin- It has enough medication in it to help keep your skin clear without irritating it. I think this product is better for maintaining reasonably clear skin once you've got it, but might not be as effective for someone with severe acne. It works well as base for makeup, and absorbs well into the skin.

Adi Y.
It sucks

I didn't get anything at all from this except a sweet smelling face. It is absolutely not for someone who has a bad break out or bad acne.I thought this was a real wast of my money, I was disappointed after investing in it and reading all the good reviews. After using it for a month and a half twice a day I gave up and found something different. I did not see what the big fuss about was at all.

Tessa C.
Amazing product for low cost!

The reason this product is so amazing is its formula. Because of the 2% salicylic acid (an effective BHA), this treatment really gets into your pores and cleans them from the inside out. It leaves your skin feeling very soft and creates a matte finish. It doesn't irritate my skin at all and from what i've seen on a day to day basis, it really is making a difference.

The important thing about this product is to use it the way your skin can handle it. I started by using it two times a day without any other moisturizer because the product itself is supposed to do that. It really dried out my skin. Now, I use it once a day (maybe even once every other day) and immediately follow with an oil free moisturizer and my skin is fine.

And of course the best thing of all is the price! Other BHAs can get to be very expensive. Neutrogena did an amazing job with this product!

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Flora S.

I love this! It dries quickly and leaves no stickiness or greasiness. It keeps my skin well hydrated in summer and is great as a serum in winter. It does a great job of cleaning out my pores too.