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Oct 8, 2014

Emma S.


Apr 29, 2014

Tina K.

Got my court date finally! 5/21! Please keep your fingers crossed for me.

Apr 28, 2014

Roz X.

Ahhhhdorable! Following back atcha. ;)

Apr 28, 2014

Teresa P.

Thank you lovely! xx

Apr 25, 2014

Tina K.

Hey you! Glad you're okay! That's all that matters!

Apr 28, 2014

Teresa P.

Finally got on my laptop. Can't do this part on my phone but I am fine and thank you for caring. You're a sweetheart Tina! Hope all is well with you too. Will send you an email soon hon...I promise. xx

Mar 28, 2014

Alma M.

Thank you for the follow,I appreciate it! Hope you have a wonderful day and Stay Beautiful! :)

Apr 28, 2014

Teresa P.

Thank you Alma! Sorry about the late reply. I usually use my phone and can't type these comments. I appreciate the follow back and wish you a fantastic week! You're so very pretty! xx

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Teresa P.

Location: Los Angeles, CA.

Hold your head up and smile!

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About Me

I'm married and living in Los Angeles now. Moved here 2 years ago from Massachusetts and absolutely love my new state. I joined Beautylish quite awhile ago but haven't been really active until recently. I just discovered the new Android app and have it on my phone now as well. I love the world of makeup and beauty and have since I was a little girl. I used to watch my mother apply it in the mirror and couldn't wait til I was old enough to try it. I'm still debating on whether i'll start a beauty blog, but I do have a fashion blog and I love it. I work online right now and i'm not home a whole lot, so this phone app is making it much easier for me to be here. I enjoy meeting new people and swapping beauty tips. This is an awesome website and i'm really happy to be active now.

One of the best secrets to looking great is being happy with yourself and I know it's not easy to do all the time. You have to make the best out of what god gave you so celebrate it. Everyone has their own brand of beauty and we wear it in very different ways

Eye Color: Brown
Complexion: Fair
Undertone: Warm
Skin Type: Sensitive
Hair Color: Red
Hair Texture: Normal
Birthday: September 25


Los Angeles, CA.


Do you dye your hair that color? No I don't it's really my own color.
You're probably around 28 right? No
Are you Irish? No I'm half Swedish and half English
Don't redheads usually have green eyes? Yes but I'm technically strawberry blonde
Do you get your teeth whitened? No I try to take care of them by flossing and brushing them twice a day.