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Jasmine G.
Great deal! But Blotterazi don't come in a case!

I got my package today and I was super excited! As always beautylish kills it with how well it's packed and the little customize message. This is a great deal for the price you pay and the products you get. My only disappointment was to see that the Blotterazzi doesn't come with a case... And it's kind of misleading when you look at the picture. I had plan to buy a Blotterazi and when I saw this deal I purchased this one but not having the case kind of blows me out because caring it like that in my makeup bag isn't really hygienic... So that is the reason why I take one star.

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Erica K.
Good value, but misleading!

Love all the products included, but the fact the Blotterazzi is packaged in a piece of cardboard meant to FOOL you into thinking it comes with a case is so shady...

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Georgeanna M.
Amazing Deal!
Photo of product included with review by Georgeanna M.

Love this set! It covers all of your needs. I use the pink for foundation and concealer, the black for setting the face and the mini for setting the undereye. The soap works great to keep them clean. I was disappointed that the blotterazzi did not come with a case. To me that makes it impossible to put in my makeup bag because I don't want it to get dirty. Otherwise this is a great value.

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Jayden S.
Great Value!

This is soo much cheaper than the two beautyblenders & liquid cleaner bundle that Sephora sells. I personally love a solid brush cleaner, you got more use out of it than the liquid. I love the pro beautyblender best & I use the mini one to bake my under eye or blend small areas. I was disappointed that the bloterizza didn't come in a case, so now I have to purchase one or a case for it which is annoying because normally it's always sold with the case. The description is misleading saying it comes with it on the packaging as well. But overall a good purchase

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Lupe C.
Good Value

You get a great amount of products for the price but I wish the blotting sponge had come with a case to store it in when not in use. Nonetheless this is a great investment!

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Great Value!

It is paying for 2 blenders and getting 3 more products for free! I LOVE the new black soap. It is perfect for cleaning my blenders, blotterazzi and brushes.

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Deaneka B.
Perfect set

Beauty blenders are a must have for flawless makeup application. This set gave me the chance to try Blotterazzi, which i love and also the mini beautyblender for the eye area. I do feel Blotterazzi should have come with a case. Regardless, this set is a great value and I highly recommend it.

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Francy T.
Love LOVE love

Great deal, two beautyblenders a mini and soild for the price of one !!! love all beauty blender products. The sample of the soild cleaner is great.

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Rowen W.
Great item

Great shop service , excellent. Great item, always been using disposable sponges , but ever since I started using beauty blender. Now my makeup starts with it and ends with it :). Highly recommended

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Erica J.

loved the solid beautyblender charcoal cleanser!! & thankfully I already have a blotterazzi/case for the one black blotterazzi this package comes with.

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