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Beautiful on just about ever skintone.

Milled super duper finely and apply almost like a dust. That may sound strange but it's so lightweight you can even over powder your face, knock off excess with a fluffy brush, spray with MAC's Fix+ and your back to gorgeous looking skin. Almost fool proof! It works on fair to deep skintones. THe banana powder is the best but I own buff also as I work on alot of fair toned ladies for work. I recommend applying this with a puff and working the product into the puff and pressing and rolling the puff on your face to set your foundation without moving the foundation. It's milled like NARS' loose powder but much much more affordable. I prefer this over my NARS loose powder actually. I will purchase this until I'm buried in the ground.


Ok, so first of all I have NEVER EVER used a pencil eyeliner and been THIS blown away. I bought this in a EyeSmolder Holiday kit and this is now my HOLYGRAIL eyeliner. It does everything a kohl does, yet can give you a perfect wing like a liquid if sharpened before use. Holy cow, did you read that?! Yes, I said can give you a perfect wing like a LIQUID!! First time I attempted this and stopped what I was doing, looked at the liner and said out loud, "Holy cow you are awesome." Yes, I talk to my makeup...It glides on very smoothly on the waterline and comes off black as black as black! If you have Loreal Carbon Black intense liner (the creamier one-not set in wood) it gives off that type of application but does not smudge or move as much. The waterproof claim is moves on the waterline and like any other line builds up over time into your tearduct. I would still recommend this to others and did a comparison of this on my Facebook page to MAC's smolder. Tarte won the product smackdown!!!

Nice base, nothing unique about them besides the natural ingredients

I bought this set from Sephora and the sizes are not your average cream shadow size. These are little mini guys, which is actually pretty nice because you will use it before it starts to dry and come away from the glass. I use these as a base because I don't feel they give enough color payoff to wear alone. I did not put the "waterproof" part to the test. I like the brush it comes with but not to apply these shadows. I use it to apply shadows ontop of these bases. I'm recently a Tarte fan and bought lots of their items this year but this I was just not over the moon about. If you want a great cream shadow you can get better color payoff with other brands.

  • Tan
Matte finish, whipped meets liquid consistency, lightweight!!

First off this product does run on the light side. I'm not sure if that has to do with the ingredients used or not. Typically I would reach for medium but when I swatched this at Ulta, it was much too light. The product consistency is if a whipped foundation and liquid morphed itself together. Light & airy, but has a denser consistency than a whipped alone I think. I think this product is GREAT! I purchased this when it was 100+ degrees outside and my face did not feel covered in makeup and did not melt and settle into areas, as some other full coverage foundations do. I used the Sedona Lace 520 brush to apply this as well as Tarte's Full Buki brush or whatever it's called. Both ways allow it to apply effortlessly. I have not used my fingers or sponge to apply so I'm no help there. If you are considering purchasing this, I would recommend you 1) swatch it first 2) buy it from so you can get the brush & the foundation for $40 + shipping. You will pay $40 for the foundation anyways!

Hello amazing! Nice to have met you.....

Ok, is this brush big? Yup. Does it really....I mean REALLY leave your face flawless? Yup. I love this thing! I browsed around and wanted to try this brush as well as the Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation. I found this on QVC for $40 + shipping for BOTH items!!! The price of the foundation alone is that, so I suggest purchasing from if you want this puppy. It is super soft and airy. I suggest not putting the product directly onto the brush to 1)not mess up the bristles and 2) so the product does not seep into the middle because then you have to seriously deep clean it. I use this about every other day, either for my foundation application or to buff on my MAC MSF natural. It performs beautifully. The handle is thick enough and the weight sits perfectly in your hand. It does not stand on it's own so I have it in a little container that I pour loose powder in, and clean after use. I have cups with sand that hold my brushes and this sucker is way too big for one of those. I own brushes from MUFE, Bhumi, Sephora, MAC, Sigma, Smashbox and a few others and this is just as great of quality. I used this with liquid foundation and powder mainly. I have not tried it with cream foundation. I'm sure if you had a powder foundation this would work beautifully.

Emollient, applies easily, pigmented but will crease if not used sparingly!

I first used a NYX jumbo pencil years ago. I was watching You Tube and milk & black bean caught my eye. Those are the 2 that I have repurchased. I've tried others as well, but these two are the ones I've repurchased. The consistency is very emollient therefore allowing it to glide on your eye with to tugging. A little goes a long way, if using this as a base, which is how I recommend using it. If you apply too much it will crease on you a few hours down the road and you will have to pack on too much shadow...can we say panda bear? can use this in your waterline or to tightline <-goodluck on that one! If you place this in your waterline it WILL MOVE! The formulation is just so creamy that it moves. You can set it with a powder but I am not a fan of powder on my waterline. You are better off using a W/P gel liner. It is very shiny due to the mineral oil base but can be toned down with powder. Overall great for the makeup lovers that want to make their shades stand out and not break the band. I have Estee Lauder shadow sticks that are nice, but these are easier to work with due to formulation.

Love it, but why no extra pad?!

First of all, I love this eyelash curler. I purchased it specifically for my kit. I was going to buy a Kevin Aucoin one, but decided to try this one. It is comfortable in the hand, opens and closes easily, the pad is more flexible than those you would buy from say a drugstore. I like that about it. It doesn't pinch the lashes or yank any out...which is a great thing. It is the same type of metal that the standard eyelash curlers are made of. It is branded made in Korea, so if that is of value to you then, there you have it. Overall, I think it is worth $15. It's Billy B and we all know he is a genius. I wish they would have at least included 1 replacement pad for the item though. That's the only reason I knocked off half a star.


I debated between this Laura Gellar palette and the LORAC PRO palette. I decided to go with this one. The shades are a little bigger than those in the LORAC, and you do get fewer shades, but they are beautiful. The packaging is better on this than the LORAC PRO, as it's not cardboard but it a padded velvety snake like printed material. There are shimmery shades on top and matte shades on the bottom. I love this palette for my kit because it works with almost every skintone! You can use this for a natural bride or incorporate the deeper colors for a smoky look. Great for daily wear or a night of being frisky! As with all shadows primer will do this palette justice. Without a primer, it falls into the average category. You can use some of the matte tan/brown shades to fill in your brows. The shimmery shades are a bit more "chunky" than the matte shades. Overall I like this and love the range that it includes, browns, purples, blues, tans, and pinks. Just lovely overall selection. If you love bright, loud out there looks, this probably would not be the palette for you.


So I've been wanting to try Sugarpill FOREVER. I have a hard time paying $34 for 4 shades ( although large, highly pigmented & beautiful). I just don't use those types of shades often enough. I really wanted to buy the burning heart palette, but decided to try these loose shadows because I loved the way goldilux looked on the swatch! The shadows are finely finely milled like MAC's pigments. They don't come with a little plastic topper to hold the pigment in like MAC does, but that is perfectly fine. The colors are BEAUTIFUL, the color payoff is what you would expect from Sugarpill's raves & reviews. Very comparable to MAC, if you have one of those you will know the quality. You get alot of product and is well worth the $30 for the trio, even $12 individually. Shrinkle did a great job on her line! The packaging is unique, functional and the quality of the product itself is top notch.


Tarte became more of a prominent brand in my collection & kit this year. I've never owned much Tarte products but purchased this set at Sephora and they are BEAUTIFUL! The perfect shades. The set includes 1 matte shade, and the rest have shimmer. The shimmer is not overpowering or to the extent of say NARS orgasm. So if your looking to e a shimmer queen these probably won't suit your fancy. If you want that nice glow and naturally enhanced features this will do you well. The product is not chalky, is a little powder but it is a powder afterall, applies & blends easily, is pretty fool proof. Even though it is pigmented a beauty beginner could pick this up and still not go wrong!

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