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Visage Powder


Jacqueline H.
'The' powder to own.

This powder has been around a long, long time. Way before Kim K's makeup artist started using it to set her concealer. This powder is a finely milled yellow powder that can be used for a variety of things. If you are new to this powder, you might pick it up and put it right back down because you are unsure of what exactly it is and how it works.

Most every makeup artist I know has this powder in their kit. Why? Because it is so cross-functional. This powder can be used to diffuse purple discoloration, deep red discoloration and as overall skin enhancer. When speaking of corrective makeup, I usually use a yellow creme corrector to neutralize purple discoloration underneath the eyes. Sometimes, the discoloration can be so severe that even a a yellow creme neutralizer won't completely hide and/or diffuse the purple. In situations like this, I use the Banana powder as an additional element in the correction and it works beautifully. This powder is also great when dealing with severe redness issues when even the color green won't properly diffuse the red.

As a general rule, yellow will work to brighten the overall complexion, and sometimes, I like to use it as an overall powder, or as a target spot powder. It looks great when used as a highlighter and eyeshadow too. If you've never used this powder before, fear not, it looks more intimidating than it is. If you use it, your face won't go yellow... Well, if you apply copious targeted amounts of it, you will get a concentrated burst of yellow, but as a general rule, it is a wonderful product to have. You can get this product at most any industry driven beauty supply store, or

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Dawn C.
Super quality powder
Photo of product included with review by Dawn C.

I was surprised that it's so difficult to find reviews on this powder. It's very finely milled and absorbs oil better than any other powder I've used. I have this in about 5 different may seem like over-kill but I'll explain how I use it to correct off-color (i.e. cheap) foundations.

I use the Neutral Set (Colorless Face Powder) to set all of my makeup and powders. This stuff absorbs in the skin and has no chalky residue. This powder is my go to oil blaster in the summer.

I use the Banana Viasge Powder in a similiar manner as the Neutral Set, but this one gives me face a touch of warmth. The color absorbs beautifully and doesn't look 'yellow', it just soaks up the oils, sets my concealer/foundation and adds a warm glow. I love this stuff!

I also have Coco-Tan, Chestnut and Sienna. These three are brown shades with different undertones. Chestnut is pretty much an exact match to my skintone. Coco-Tan has a slight orange undertone and Sienna has a more reddish undertone. Chestnut is in between.

While I can wear each of these powders over my foundations and still look great, I find that I can use them to counteract any foundations that have funky undertones when I apply them. For example, L'Oreal True Match foundations leave a weird greyish undertone on me....even when I set it with my MAC Mineralize Skinfinish or other powders. But when I set it with my Ben Nye powder in Sienna, it balances out the chalky grey tones and leaves me with a nice finish.

I can't say enough about these powders. I love them. You get 1.75 oz/49 gm. for pennies compared to Smashbox or MAC products. I only paid $3.75 for the tinted powders and $4.25 for the Neutral and Banana Visage powders!!! These can be purchased at most theatrical stage shops/costume shops or you can order online. I found a fantastic website for a wonderful company in Wisconsin that carries a wide variety of Ben Nye Products.

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Terri S.
Beautiful on just about ever skintone.

Milled super duper finely and apply almost like a dust. That may sound strange but it's so lightweight you can even over powder your face, knock off excess with a fluffy brush, spray with MAC's Fix+ and your back to gorgeous looking skin. Almost fool proof! It works on fair to deep skintones. THe banana powder is the best but I own buff also as I work on alot of fair toned ladies for work. I recommend applying this with a puff and working the product into the puff and pressing and rolling the puff on your face to set your foundation without moving the foundation. It's milled like NARS' loose powder but much much more affordable. I prefer this over my NARS loose powder actually. I will purchase this until I'm buried in the ground.

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Erin B.
A Must Have Powder!

Not only is it a versatile color and a great texture and quality, but it's inexpensive! If you're in doubt, get it! It highlights my skin like a dream. You won't be disappointed!

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Jasmine H.
Great Powder!

Great inexpensive powder, to finish your look. I use this powder has a highlight and to set my look. I have oily skin in my t-zone and apply it above the apple of my cheeks. They have a powder for every complexion. I would recommend this to everyone!

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Rose C.

I love this powder, it makes my skin look absolutely flawless. The powder is so finely milled that it will never look cakey, no matter how much you put on. I have the neutral set since my skin is so fair that the other coloured powders are too dark. This is wonderful because even 'translucent' powders that I have tried still have a slight pigment.

Crystal A.

I love it!!!!!!!!!!! It's one the best powders put there i am glade I came across this powders everyone should have some in there makeup kit❤️❤️❤️ ! Thank you Ben for creating this amazing product

Ang v.

I absolutely love this in the shade banana for my under eye highlight ♡ it's also great for oily skin on the t zone .. I NEED to try the other colors!!

Rakisha E.
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Tonita C.
I like!

I got this after several YouTube gurus raved about it. Does exactly as they said it would..provides a nice under eye glow or subtle highlight. It was inexpensive and it will last FOREVER! Only a small amount is needed, even the smallest jar is abundant!