Superstay 24 Hour Makeup


Laurie N.
Kind of good

It is a good foundation but it is not a good quality coverage. It does not spread evenly and makes your face turn a little orange or a little pink. Depending on which colour you choose. This would not be my first choice. If you do use it make sure to use a very good powder over it.

Isabella H.
Amazing Drugstore Foundation!

I'm in love with this foundation! I have problem with redness and blotchy skin with whiteheads (I have very fair,pale skin) and I was advised to buy a foundation of a light shade with warm, earthy brown tones and the sand beige is perfect! The coverage is fantastic and is perfect for me as a singer doing three-four shows a day. It's the perfect foundation for dancers, singers, actors, etc. and anyone who needs really good staying foundation! I highly recommend!

Attached is a photo of me wearing it! x

Sara B.
In Love

After searching looking at all the Drug store foundations I heard great reviews on last week and not being able to find a good colour match I finally found this one & after 1 use I was in love. Might even like it more then my Nars. Has great coverage but not cakey, works well on my dry skin and lasts all day:)

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Lun N.

I think the way the liquid looks decieves a lot of people. I always chose a foundation that's a shade lighter then I really am. I did that, but it was too dark. Anyways, at least it didn't make me break out and it was good coverage, but it wasn't heavy

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Lacey F.

ok so i picked this up at ulta, and when looking at the colors they are very weird! im light skinned so generally the colors are porceline, classic ivory nude beige ect. but this one was porceline, sand beige? and i could tell it went from pink, yellow, pink yellow and so on. im neutral but i go for yellow since i have red in my skin and it looks more natural when i use a yellow base. sand beige is the first yellow base color, when i put it on it blends but it oxidized! i looked like a pumpkin! :( so i got to take it back and find another color. i used the beauty blender copy cat and it went on amazing! im sure its a great product just funky colors to chose from..

Forrest G.
Awesome So Far

I have only been using a tinted moisturizer as my foundation. I have used several others but wanted to try something new. I couldn't decide between this and the Revlon Colorstay. I chose this. I have used it several times and absolutely love it. It sets really well and don't feel the need to actually set with a powder. It has got great coverage. I like that I can sheer it out or build it up where needed. I wish it had a better color range but Sand beige matched me the best. Especially compared to colorstay that didn't have a shade at all that matched. I like to use it either with my stippling brush from elf or my flat top kabuki from sigma. Only problem is I wish it had a pump, but that's a minor downflaw.