Stormie P.

Location: Southern CA

Something wicked this way comes...

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About Me

I'm just a girl from a tiny backwoods town who had never known ANYTHING about makeup aside from my moms eyeshadow and my grandmas lipstick and rouge. That is until I got out of that backwoods town and became obsessed with makeup and beauty.

I'm not really a makeup artist even tho I have painted a fair share of models faces for photo shoots. And I had fun being creative on Halloween and during Comic Con on numerous people who wanted to become something else. I just really like seeing what I can do.

If you ever saw me in a mall look at my hands. You will see them riddled with different colors from makeup counters. I'm a swatchaholic.I will talk to makeup counter girls for hours testing their knowledge on different colors, textures, sheens, ingredients... If they aren't very knowledgeable about what they are selling I will either make them give up and find someone who can keep up with my questions or I won't buy anything from their counter. I'm kind of a beauty nazi I guess.

I have my own little squeal for Sephora that can be heard for miles :)

Eye Color: Gray
Complexion: Light
Skin Type: Combination
Hair Color: Black
Hair Texture: Fine
Birthday: February 22


Q) What is your ethnicity?

A) My mother was Portuguese and my father was Italian. I'm a half breed of a whole lot of feistiness.
Q) Where are you from?

A) Originally? The backwoods of Upstate NY. You can hear banjos as you drive through. lol. It's no wonder I moved across the country.
Q) What are your other hobbies besides makeup?

A) I model sometimes and I'm a self taught photoshop wizard.
Q) What's your favorite T.V show?

A) I don't really watch TV much. When I do it used to be True Blood until I cancelled HBO. Now it's Ghost Hunters when it's in season. And Adult Swim when the TV is on at night.
Q) What makeup do you normally use?

A) It changes with my mood usually:.
- Favorite Foundation: MUFE High Def Foundation
- Favorite Eyeshadows: Sugerpills Goldilux, Lime Crimes Dragon Scales, Urban Decays The Naked Palette, MAC's Blue Brown,
- Favorite Blush: NARS Orgasm
- Favorite Lip: MAC's Show Me the Money, Victorias Secret's Possessed