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This has become probably my new favorite drugstore foundation! It's light, gives good coverage that is buildable if you want more coverage, nice natural finish... i dont know i dont really have anything bad to say about it. Also the fact that it comes in a huge range of shades makes it easy for you to find a color that matches your skintone. I also find that i dont need to set this foundation with a powder. Great foundation, definitely recommend!

The first time I tried this product I broke out and that's never fun. I didn't touch it for about 2 weeks and then for some reason decided to try it again and this time around i didnt break out, thankfully. It has a nice sheer, dewy coverage but definitely needs to be set with a powder. This has become my everyday product though its quite natural looking and I find no problem with it other than transferring. I apply it with the real techniques buffer brush in thin layers (two is enough for me) and just set it with a powder and i'm good to go. I know it's nothing like the asian BB creams but its a nice product. Pretty average.


I am absolutely obsessed with this product. The first time I saw it on display it didnt really have any reviews online about it so it was still super new. I picked some up regardless because the color's caught my eye and being a makeup junkie I couldnt help myself. The first one I picked up was bad to the bronze and it has become my go to everyday shadow. Just swipe it on blend it out add some liner and mascara and im good to go! The staying power is amazing, super long wearing and no creasing... WITHOUT PRIMER. That's just absolutely amazing for a drug store cream shadow. I hope this is a permanent product, if not im buying out all the bad to the bronze i can find in my town! Since my first purchase i've picked up a few more, the only ones I dont have is the orange, green, teal, and gold. But you bet that i'm going to pick them up soon! LOVE <3

must have!

This is my HG for nights when im going out, or special occasions where my makeup needs to be on point at all times. It sets my makeup beautifully and I can't get enough of it! I dont use it everyday mainly because I don't feel like I need to everyday, but its amazing for times like when youre out in the club with your girls or weddings, etc.

Once again urban decay did not disappoint. I bought this palette a few months back and i absolutely love it. Again, crazy pigmented shadows, amazing texture, packaging is adorable! It's a great palette if youre looking to go neutral with a pop of color!

I got this in the Book of Shadows Vol. 4 and im really pleased with it. Never have i ever been able to make such a thin line with a liquid liner! It's highly pigmented and the best part is, when you remove it it doesnt smudge all over the place but instead it kind of just rolls off.... if that makes any sense. and ladies, this stuff does last FOREVER. I'm definitely buying another one when I run out. :]

This was actually my first higher end makeup purchase EVER. This palette is the reason why I fell in love with urban decay! The shadows are so soft and pigmented and just to die for! This is my go to palette for when im doing a vibrant colorful eye. LOVE. My only complaint is that the palette gets dirty really easily :\

You know I had to jump on the band wagon when this was popping up in every beauty community! I was a little skeptic about the product at first but after seeing all the reviews and how much everyone loved them I had to give it a try! They're super opaque for being a lip butter. Theyre not SUPER moisturizing but its more moisture than you would get from every other lip stick. Love these, gonna get more for sure! And it being a drugstore product, you can find them for probably BOGO free/half off.


LOVE! I have two of them, one in peppermint and one in pink punch. Both amazing, i'm probably going to pick up the others later on too! the tinted one gives you a nice sheer wash of color on your lips, the clear one like the peppermint is just your basic everyday balm but the peppermint is my favorite due to its smell and slight tingle! Definitely recommend!

i love using this as a brow set! it works great, inexpensive, and effortless. my only problem with it is the brush takes on too much product when i pull out the wand so i end up having to scrape the excess product on the tube. other than that this is a great product!

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