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Chanelling Kim Kardashian famous amplified hot pink lipstick.

or just imagine glamor barbie, I don't know how to label the hot pink lipstick but since I saw Kim waring that, sporting NARS :D I wanted to buy the exact shade. Since I am a MAC collector and using it so much, GAT is the closest to what Kim was wearing. Glad that it matched my skin. It gives an instant happy look! Unfortunately, it's not available in MAC Philippines.

Roots: FIlipina (Asian) Skin Type: Yellow undertone, oily, acidic. See picture as reference, not photoshop; picture taken via blackberry.

Smokey eyes, nudey lippie

If I want to get adventurous on eye makeup, this lipstick shade is my go-to. I also use this almost everyday same with MAC, brave. I think, I just can't go outside with applying a lipstick.

Roots: FIlipina (Asian) Skin type: Yellow undertone, oily, acidic

Brave for natural looking lips

Roots: Filipina (Asian) Skintype: Yellow undertone, oily, acidic.

I searched for perfect pinkish lippie to enhance my lip color. I have a dark edges on my lips so I can't bare it all. I don't even smoke so if you are looking for a natural look for lippie that is not nude, try this :) See my picture as a reference. It is not photoshop, taken via blackberry.

I love this! it looks natural and doesn't make my lips dry. Its affordable and it stays longer! Its definitely a keeper. One of my favorites in my beauty loot.

My favorite edible lip scrub :) it might be a little expensive but it gives me the result I want. I almost use this everyday to take care of my lips and it never fails, it takes out the dead skin and reveals much healthier lips. Great buy :)


This is a miracle ointment. I use it in every part of my skin that needs to be heal and go back to healthy smooth! Head to Toe! a must have in your vanity or first aid kit. You'll see the result in a week or days.

I also use this to lighten the scar in achilles heel caused by a new shoes. It also heals pretty fast! SO, if you are a shoe addict... this is also a must have!

The Love of my Life

The best lotion existed in human life. I have this on my hydrating staples and it truly gives you the result you want in your skin. It might be expensive but worth the investment.

This is the right balm for me in any season. It doesn't flake and draws white line. Not too heavy and really heals and make my lips more smooth and healthy.

Must Have!

I love this Sharpener. It's stylish and functional, not too expensive and a staple in your make-up tools. It really shapes up my velvet pencils without breaking the sides of the product that might go to waste. I highly recommend this :)

good for my skin, it doesn't flake and draws white line on my lips. I just had to retouch after eating hence, it stays longer and makes your lips kissable looking. I hail to this next to MAC lipstick.

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