Beauty Product Reviews

The Only Thing I Use for Tattoos

I discovered this product after it was recommended by my tattoo artist. I ended up going out and buying a large container of it, and it was definitely worth it. Not only is it great for dry skin, but it also works wonders on burnt or peeling skin. It heals chapped lips practically overnight without giving off a harsh scent that deters you from wanting to use it again. This product has saved me and my tattoos, and I think more people should know about it whether or not they have tattoos themselves.

A Great Addition to the Original Naked Palette

I was hesitant about buying this palette at first, since I already had the first palette. However, since I liked the first palette so much and got a ton of use out of it, I decided to buy the 2nd palette. I am so glad that I bought both! Even thought they are a bit similar, I switch between using each of them almost every day. They look great on basically any eye or skin color, and are a must have, especially for traveling. As far as packaging goes, I am a much bigger fan of this palette, since it is much more sleek and has a larger mirror. I can definitely tell why the Naked palette was such a success, and I can imagine that the Naked2 palette will follow in its footsteps.

One of my Favorites from Bath & Body Works

I've been buying body sprays for years from Bath & Body Works. Most of them I think are great, but I wouldn't say that I plan on buying a new bottle once I use them up. Secret Wonderland was a completely different story. The second I used the tester at the store I decided I had to buy it, and I'm so glad that I did. This scent is very unique in my opinion, and makes me think of what it would smell like if you mixed a mens cologne with a perfume. I use this spray almost every day and I'm about to run out, but I know this time I will be getting more of this spray.

Use it all the Time

First of all, I own a few of Kat Von D's products and I absolutely love how their packaging looks. Not only do they look appealing, but they really work well. I found that this eyeliner I bought in Puro Amor is really easy to apply, while it still stays on all day. I use it whether I'm trying to create a fine, thin line or a bold and thick line on my eye. I found that this eyeliner was nice and dark, which was what I would expect out of a black eyeliner. Even a thin line on your upper lashes with this liner really helps define your eyes.

Worth the Price

I was a little hesitant to buy this at first, but as soon as I tried it out I was glad that I did! First off I love that it is a retractable pencil, since you don't have to deal with the mess of sharpening it and can take it anywhere you go. The eyeliner goes on really smoothly and appears dark, and it's great for the waterline because the pencil is nice and narrow. I would recommend this for anyone who is constantly on the go, or is looking for a nice and convenient eyeliner.

Lasts all Day!

Most pen eyeliners that I've tried (especially ones from the drugstore) seem to dry out really quickly, making them difficult to apply. This one really surprised me, because it never seems to dry out and is super easy to apply. I love how the black shows up nice and dark, so that you don't have to reapply it. It literally lasts all day and is definitely worth the price. I will never buy a drugstore pen eyeliner again!


The first time I tried one of these candles was when I was shopping at Bath and Body Works and bought one on a whim. I ended up getting the Mint Chocolate one, because it smelled exactly like Andes mints. Once burning it, I was pleasantly surprised that the scent was exactly what I thought it would be (almost like melted mint chocolate). Since then I have lost count of how many of these candles I have bought. They last a long time and come in nice looking jars and different sizes, some even with three wicks. These candles are perfect for a gift as well, although I mostly buy them for myself because I love them so much.

Good on its Own or with a Gloss

I have never tried any NYX lip products before, nor had I ever tried a "lip cream" before, which is exactly why I decided to pick one of these up. I purchased Monte Carlo (I love the names of the shades too), which is a rich, red color. I absolutely love the scent of this product, it really reminds me of frosting or sugar cookies. It applies pretty smoothly and seems to stay on for a while after it dries. I usually like to put a clear gloss over it after it dries though, because sometimes I want more of a shiny finish than a matte finish. Definitely worth trying out!

Incredible Primer

I have heard a lot of hype about this product from many beauty gurus on YouTube, so I finally decided to try it for myself. I was not disappointed in the slightest! The first time I used it was for a dark smokey eye, and I thought for sure that it would crease or smudge a little bit. However, after coming home without fixing my eye makeup at all for a long period of time I couldn't believe that my eyes looked just as good as they did when I left. I now use Too Faced Shadow Insurance for any dramatic or smokey eye or when I know that I will be wearing eye shadow for a long period of time. It really works and is definitely worth the money!

Perfect for Preventing/Treating Chapped Lips

The first time I tried this lip balm I had some mixed feelings. It had a fairly strong smell and odd taste, and it immediately made my lips tingle. However, I definitely changed my mind after using it when my lips were severely chapped. The tingling sensation that this product delivers really helps soothe chapped lips, and it pretty much reassures you that the lip balm is working. Just after one day my lips felt much smoother and appeared much less red and chapped. The taste of the balm seems to help prevent you from licking it off unlike some other lip products. Oddly enough the scent of this product reminds me of Vick's Vapor Rub, so whenever I have a cold or congested nose, I put some of this on and it helps get me to sleep. I recently used up all of my Burt's Bees and plan on buying a new one ASAP!

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