Beauty Product Reviews

No need to try another

this is only my second gel eyeliner and it is great! It is so easy to use for somone who is still new at this. Its only 3.49 at my ulta and has made me try other essence products


smells like grape seed oil and are super moisturizing. liner or lip primer would take it over the top cuz the stuff is creamy like watercolors. Got it in a swag bag and was really impressed. am looking to get more products from nyx

I love too faced

i have this and the natural eye pallet and just ordered the matte eye one. i have the original pallet with the green and blue and like that is gives an option from dark colors. i also like that the old pallet came with 2 brushes

this product seems way too harsh to use once in a while let alone regularly. if doese feel creamy and doesnt leave my skin feeling stripped... just raw from the bark or whatever they put in it

wish i saw some results

I got a sample of this in my new beauty test tube and didnt see any diffrence in my blackheads. I figure they give you a sample size with enought product because they want to sell u the larger version. this lasted me anbot 2 weeks because i only used it on my nose which i think is a good amount of time to be able to judge a product. wish it worked because i want something to get of my blk heads. didnt smell or burn tho. and i do have sensitive skin

no no no

i didnt have any luck with this product. it didnt enhance any eyeshadow pigments even their own mineral shadows. it dried funky too. will see if it will work as an under eye brightner. other wise it will be trashed

best for tattoos

i have 3 tattoo and its the only thing ive used for them. really helps with the healing and especially with the itching. its thick so it does hurt a little to spread on a new tattoo but if not nearly as bad as sitting in the chair for 2 hours

i was hopeful

i feel like ive written so many reviews i hope u guys arent sick of be but this never sets and it falls in my crease. my sister(also on beautylish ) bought one and both broke on the first use. i do like how easy it is to use and the colors. the formula needs to be changed tho

if only if only

if i had flawless skin i would use this instead of foundation. gives my face a nice glow and makes me feel pretty it only lasts like a month so not worth the $28.

not really worth my duckets

i would buy these again if they lasted longer than normal nail polish. for the price of these i can but 4 bottles of polish. i would only use agian if im going on a special date

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