Gel Eyeliner


Elly K.
The best gel liner out there

This gel liner is perfect - affordable price and amazing quality! I've had mine for over 2 years and it hasn't dried out, it's as good as new!! My favorite gel liner, I've tried high end and drugstore but nothing compares.

Cristine E.
great eyeliner

ive had this eyeliner for awhile and its still as creamy and easy to use as it was the day i got it. This liner will seriously not dry out. the formula is so creamy its almost like liquid and stays put all day.

Cristine E.
Best cream eyeliner

Its like a liquid eyeliner in cream form. It NEVER dries out. Since its so creamy it's really easy to work with and once its on it stays put! A little goes a long way with this stuff and its super cheap!

Beth I.
Cheap and lasts ALL DAY!

First things first: This is so cheap! I think I spent about $3 on this gel liner and I love it. It lasts all day long with no smudging or fading. I've used it on my waterline and it caused me no irritation at all.

There are only two things that could be considered "cons" but I think that they are just normal problems for gel liners. 1. It can dry out really fast if you don't make sure that you screw that lid on super tight. 2. It is hard to remove. Make sure you have a good makeup remover because water will not be working to take this off.

Valerie Y.
Great value for the price!

Buttery smooth, pigmented, smudge-proof, and water-proof. I just wish they have more color selections in my country!

Also, I made a review on Youtube (with swatches and smudge/water tests) and an application demonstration too.

Check it out at:

Zahira D.

I got it a few days ago and it's amazing, no smudges, first time using a gel and it came out perfect! must try, I think this might be my h.g !

Hally L.

It's so cheep yet it works so well. The color is so intense I've had mine for a long time and it still isn't dried out amazing. It lasts the whole day it does not smudge. And it's nice and creamy not dry.. It has amazing packaging it will not disappoint its the best drugstore gel eye-liner!!!

Dana M.

Seriously. You will not be disappointed. This is the best eyeliner I have tried by far. It's cheap, extremely pigmented, and smudge proof. It does not tug on your lids either when applying. In addition, it lasts all day on your eyes; regardless if your eyes are oily and it can easily be removed with some olive oil dabbed onto a cotton ball or ear swab. The product is surrounded by glass and resembles a higher end eyeliner. A little goes a long way, too. What's NOT to like?

Smilja  S.
Gel eyeliner by Essence

This eyeliner is amazing!! The pigmentation is awesome,the texture is great,it can be easily blended,it's so smooth. Stays really long on the eyes,without smudging everywhere,even with a very oily lids (like mine :) ). It's really affordable,around 4$. Try it, you will not regret it,I promise :)

Mary Anne M.
Best Waterproof Gel Liner for the Price but Maybe Too Waterproof

I had this eyeliner in 01 Midnight in Paris, which is a glossy, highly opaque black color. The product is packaged in a standard, no-fuss glass jar without a brush and is priced at US$4, the second cheapest gel liner I've seen thus far (beaten by e.l.f. Cream Eyeliner at $3 which does include a brush).

However, e.l.f.'s is water-resistant whereas essence's is truly waterproof. The formula in the jar is soft and easy to dip a brush in and apply, and just a little goes a very long way so this is best to apply conservatively. Brush it around on the hand quickly to warm it up and soften it even more, and it will glide over the lids.

Once it sets, it will not budge when immersed in any degree of water alone. Even sweat and oily lids didn't break it down on me! It's so stubborn, in fact, that it can be difficult to remove even with an oil-based makeup remover. So while it applies excellently and looks great when worn, it is a little fussy to clean up later.

I would save this for long days or nights or occasions where waterproofing may be needed because this really sticks, but I would not use this as an everyday eyeliner simply because it will be hard on your lids to clean it up, and you really don't want to be pulling, tugging, or putting too much pressure on your eyes every single night.

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