Paw Palette

Regular White Mini Luv



Noemi P.
Cute and handy

Love my paw pallete I felt much comfortable using around my clients mixing my foundations rather than on my hand.

RuthAnn G.

This is the perfect size for me... absolutely love it and forget it's on my hand. I use it for my foundation and my Charlotte Tilbury Beach Sticks... makes blending and applying a breeze and keeps my hands clean. Wouldn't be without it now!

Natasha K.
Saved my hands!

I work at ulta and the constant swatching of foundations and lipsticks was rubbing my hands raw. This paw palette has come to the rescue and now clients can see the true color and undertone of a product. Only problem is the underside is a little sharp and sometimes digs into the back of my hand. But just flipping it around solves the problem. Love it!

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T S.

i use this almost everyday for mixing shades of concealer and foundation. i removed the attached hand strap because i personally didn't need it, but i can see how the makeup professional would find that handy. it's easy to clean and i love the heart shape. so cute.

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Jennifer S.
Saves my Hand!! Great for...

I really like this product!! It is great for blending cremes, tapping extra product off, working lashes and glue...but best of all I like that I am not using my hand any more and end up transfering less on me!! xoxo Definitely recommend this to other artists...also a great conversation piece!!

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