Paw Palette

Regular Lilac Smooches


Hilda  S.
I did not know I needed this

This is the kind of item you do not know you need till you have it. Its so USEFUL! Great size, fits comfortably on the hand, easy to keep clean. Very multi purpose tool, its a great having this palette. Dropped one star because the acrylic join that that connects the palette to the strap is scratchy, almost unfinished feel to the edges. If you put it on carelessly/quickly you will scratch yourself. Otherwise a solid, purposeful, product.

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Sophia C.
Excellent Way To Apply Your Makeup

I am not a makeup artist, a YouTuber, or beauty guru. I am simply a make up enthusiast :) I like applying my makeup so that it makes me feel good. With this palette I have been able to mix products in a way that I couldn't do on my hand. Eye shadows, pigments, glitters are all a lot easier to manage. I am able to apply my liquid foundation a lot easier because I am able to manage the product and distribute it more evenly across the tools I am using to apply it.

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katia a.
Love it!

Brilliant idea, I use this little palette everyday. I do recommend it if you like to mix foundations, or if you're clumsy like me and you end up covered in makeup because you forgot it was in the back of your hand... :)

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Tabitha B.
so cute!

This is a handy little find. Pun intended. Just a great item to keep make up application mess free and its a great size, plenty of room to mix together multiple things for your face, eyes and lips. How cute is this lilac kiss? Easy to clean and durable too!

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