Paw Palette

Red Bow Ring

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Joanne C.
The metal ring is very tarnished.
Photo of product included with review by Joanne C.
Photo of product included with review by Joanne C.

The bow is cute, acrylic and smaller than expected, but I am fine with that and the quality seems good. The main issue was that mine came with the metal ring very tarnished. It looks super cheap like a kid's toy. I had this on my wishlist to purchase for a long time and when I finally got it, it was not made as well as shown in the photos.

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Renu V.

Ugh, the number of times I've had to wipe of foundation stains from the back of my hand, in the car! No more. I apply a couple of drops on the Paw Palette and dunk my Beautyblender for the perfect finish.

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Lisa B.
Great for when I'm at work

Paw Palette's are awesome! I have 2: the red heart wrist PP & the red bow tie ring. I use the wrist palette for when I'm freelancing on location. It's so nice having both hands free while applying a full face and still being fashion forward in my gear. Every client I've worked on has made a comment on how cool of a products it is. The ring PP is perfect for when I'm Managing at Sephora during the week. It fits in my pocket when I'm not using it, and is great to have for the many many clients I touch on during the day that just need a touch up or to find their shade in a certain product. This is a great product and I would recommend it to anyone who apply's some kind of liquid makeup in their daily routine, professional makeup artist or not.

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Amanda R.
Cute cute cute!!

This is the cutest palette I've ever used. I often wear it on my thumb while working and it's perfect for brow gel or lip gloss. It's great for on set touch ups and allows me to keep my hands clean. I wish this came in other shapes and colors as a ring. I also have a full size palette, but this is just too awesome. I'm in love:)

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Angie C.

This ring is great for mixing and blending so you dont have to use the back of your hand,and its easy to clean and you could get away with wearing it as a ring!

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Alli Rose G.

This is so cute. It could pass as a ring. It is great for lipsticks or one full face of foundation. It cleans off quite easily. Just one swipe of a towel and everything is gone. I would definitely look to get a full size palette in the future.

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