Paw Palette

Magnetic Teal Purr-fect Paw


Jazmine W. Team

I'm in love. The color & shape allows me to add a little bit fun to my normal black on black outfit. The biggest benefit for me is keeping my clothes clean - I always get product on my clothes and this has greatly reduced the instances as of late. The strap is super soft and easy to adjust, but doesn't budge when its on. The palette itself is easy to clean, doesn't stain and keeps your products & application 10x more sanitary.

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Jenna S.
The purrfect palette!

I purchased this as a gift for a friend who is always using the back of her hands for placing products, and I couldn't be more satisfied with how well this little guy works! It's sturdy, easy to clean, and of course, absolutely adorable.

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Jessica  S.
Perfect and Cute

I got this because I have been trying everything possible to help with my break outs including upping my makeup hygiene game. I knew this would help with that. But it is also just so convenient and makes doing my makeup easier and just ajoy because it is also so cute! I use it now every time I do my makeup. I am so happy I chose the magnetic kind. It is just so worth every penny!

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Heidi A.

Just love the compact yet "just right +PLUS" size of these pallets! Super cute and totally pro at the same time. LOVE<3

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Virginia L.
Stylish AND functional
Photo of product included with review by Virginia L.

I LOVE my Purr-fect Paw Palette. It is so cute and truly reflects my personality. As if having a kitty face isn't enough, it works great! The magnet is sturdy, the surface of the face is easy to clean. It isn't cumbersome at all, very lightweight. I find it a little pricey, but it is so unique it is worth it.

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Ursula S.
Handy little palette that easily adjust and attaches to the wrist.

For a little whimsy, this cute little magnet wrist palette does the offers the same convenience as the magnetic white square palette . If you have anything still in a metal pot the magnet will hold it in place until your ready to take it off, leaving your hands free to do your make or your clients make up. The teal color is cute, my only qualm is if you are mixing product directly onto the palette not in a pan that it may give a artificial blue tinge to what you are mixing. Personally, I haven't tried it yet, would experiment on the white palette and then on the teal palette to see if there is any difference. ;)

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Yasmin K.
Easy to use

I love the kitty shape palette - I have this one in white. The strap is easy to adjust to your palm or wrist, the magnet is strong and holds several metal pans easily. Of course the shape of it is my favorite because I LOVE cats. This is a MUST HAVE.

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