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Charlotte Tilbury

Limited Edition Fallen Angel Luxury Palette


Cristy V.
Beautiful Palette

I love this palette. I received it on Saturday and have worn it the last 3 days. The Taupe color looks like Tom Ford's Platinum on me. It's my favorite color in this palette. The brozne shade is also pulling a bit like Spice when I blend it onto my crease line. I love the black, its very matte and there's no fallout. I think the downside is the quantity of product you get. It's a little over half of her regular palettes, 2.8 grams. I think the Chanel les 4 ombres are only 2 grams, a baked formula as well and those are $61. Personally, I do love this quad. I love the colors and the fact that it includes a matte shadow that's black and also that it contains no glitters. Is it worth the price? I wish it had been a bit less pricey but since its limited edition, I couldn't pass it up.

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Angelica S.
Angelica S.'s Review Image

This palette is very pretty and the color payoff is great. Compared to other Charlotte Tilbury palettes, this palette is a lot smaller (0.10 oz). The packaging is not much different from the non-limited edition ones. For this price, I expected more than just stars on the cover of the palette. I own a Burberry limited edition palette that cost less, comes with a velvet pouch and some brushes.

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Laura J.
Really beautiful

First off, this is a beautiful palette, by far her best. If you buy any of her eyeshadows, I highly recommend Fallen Angel. I couldn't decide whether to give this 5 stars or 4.5 stars because although the product itself is perfection, I too am slightly miffed at the price increase vs the amount of product. Like other posters said, the quantity suffers tremendously. Basically you lose 1/2 of the product of her regular shadows for the privilege of paying an extra $13. Not cool. I suppose its a minor issue, and I do love a lot of Charlotte Tilbury's products, but I do feel like the wool is trying to be pulled over my eyes as a consumer. And that really sucks. Apart from that, great product, I wish all of her eyeshadows had this formulation.

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Sabrina S.
Love? Is there even a stronger word?

What can I say... This eye shadow palette is fantastic! Today I decided to wear all shades except for the bottom right, which is very dark and I will only use for a night out for dinner or dancing. All colors have fantastic pigment, and go on with ease. My favorite color is probably the top right shade, it is such a beautiful neutral taupe and looks great with my eye color and skin tone. The only downside about this palette, and why I docked half a star, is because the amount of eye shadow you get for the price you pay is a bit silly. The regular CT palettes are less money and you get more product. I realize this is a 'special formula', but I don't think it's so special to be charged so much more for so little.

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Michelle S.

For all the CT hype, I was expecting angels to sing when I opened this up.

I just found it really average! They were a little chalky for my liking and took a lot of effort to build up. The colours are gorgeous, and if it had've been a NYX (etc) shadow palette, I would have been super impressed. But for the price ($80 Australian Dollars) it's just not worth it.

I think I was taken by the stars on the shadows. Which get rubbed off within the first couple of uses. Mine are gone, because I ended up putting the shadows on with my fingers to get more payoff...

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Azaria M.

This palette is absolutely stunning! I love that it can be worn both dry or wet, and looks gorgeous either way. I think it's perfect for the Holiday, and is definitely one of my favorites this season. I love Charlotte Tilbury packaging, and the stars just make it even more beautiful. I have light/medium skin and the colors blend and work well on me without making me look too drastic. A definite must have if you're a collector, or looking for a beautiful palette that you'll really get some use out of.

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Amy B.
Fallen Angel is a rising star!

Okay, I recently took a look at several other palettes that I thought would be possibilities before I purchased this one, and I am so glad I went with this Charlotte Tilbury luxury palette! It is gorgeous!

I don't mind the lightweight feel of the palette, I actually prefer it for travel. I don't think it seems "cheap" at all. I think it's very practical. Sure, I love the look and feel of Tom Ford, but do I hesitate before tossing it in my bag to take with me? Absolutely. I think the colors in the Fallen Angel palette are perfect for my skin tone (fair) and I have and will be using all 4. Why spend the money on a palette if you're not going to actually use all of the shades!? This applies so wonderfully - smooth, silky, pigmented - wet or dry. It blends like a dream. It wears all day long for me (even without a primer!). I can create a look for day, for work, church, special occasion, it does it all. The "smoke" shade works well wet as a liner, too. I have tried and loved several CT products now and this is one of her best. I'm not sure why this palette is more expensive than her other palettes. Simply because it's "limited edition"? I'm not sure how LE this is,, we'll see. But, it's lovely and I recommend it.

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Krista M.
Absolutely Stunning!

I was on the fence about this for a bit because normally I like to include a matte color into my eye looks and for the price I didn't want to have to add more products, but this eyeshadow palette is a stunner! at first glance the colors all seemed dupable and maybe the champagne and black are but the taupe is gorgeous it has this iridescent duo-chrome to it that brings out any eye color and the bronze color compliments it beautifully I have worn just the lighter colors for a day time look or you can easily smoke it up for at night. Im so glad I picked this up especially because its limited edition I would grab it while you can ;)

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Heather M.
gorgeous baked gelee formulation, no fallout!

There are a lot of reviews comparing this to the other Charlotte Tilbury quads, and the amount of product vs. cost- but they aren't the same product as this is. The other shadows are traditional powder shadows that apply like powders, and this is not. It is creamy, it goes on to brushes like a cream-powder hybrid "baked gelee" formula. It is impossible to create a dusty mess, and swirling a brush over the shadow does not kick up ANY product. The pigmentation is fabulous as well, and they blend without any effort at all. The bronzy shade seems a little out of place from the photo online, but in person it blends amazingly as an intermediate shade between the taupe and black. You can also dampen the black and make an incredible liner out of it, which i'd never risk doing to a regular powder shadow. All in all, I'm super happy Beautylish was able to get some of these discontinued quads in stock so I could buy it. I definitely think this formula is worth the higher price, and I don't regret anything about my purchase.

I put this on while my mom and I were watching a movie at her house, and when the movie was over she looked at my eyes and just said "wow! your eyes look incredible!" Since she doesn't usually say much about makeup, it was a big deal. I'd done similar looks before without any comment from her, but these really do apply so smoothly and create such an airbrushed look, I could see why she was more impressed with the result than usual.

I would love to see Charlotte Tilbury create more quads using this formula in the future. Another plus for those with GMO corn allergies is that this quad does not contain any corn starch, which is included in all of the other quads.

Diana V S.

This palette is beautiful. The colors are very wearabe and blend beautifully. The shimmer is subtle and not in the least bit garish which is important for aging eyes. I've gotten a lot of use out of it since I've gotten it.