Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes

Charlotte Tilbury

Full Fat Lashes


About Full Fat Lashes

Your search for "The One" (mascara, that is) is over. Charlotte Tilbury's best-selling, award-winning mascara is a super-luxe, 5-in-1 multitasker that creates the perfect "Full Fat Lash" with curl, separation, volume, length, and drama.

"Darlings, I've spent my entire life searching for the ultimate mascara. They’re a bit like men–you think you need 5 to keep you satisfied, but actually you're really looking for ‘The One'!" - Charlotte

Why It's Special
  • Layer on lush, voluptuous color with Full Fat Lashes' glossy black formula, which enhances lashes without clumping, melting, or flaking onto the skin
  • Coat every lash in just one swipe, thanks to the thick brush's maximum bristle count and unique grooved design. It's the secret to a full, fat, three-dimensional flutter
How to Use

Starting at the inner corner of the eye, guide the brush through the lashes. Move the brush in a zig-zag motion upwards from the root of the lashes to curl and separate. At the outer corner, pull the brush up and out to elongate the eye. To finish, nestle the tip of the wand into the root and brush upwards to add volume to the lashline. Repeat on the bottom lashes for added drama.

Other Details
  • Size: 0.27 oz