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Lina W.
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I watched all of Charlotte’s makeup tutorials on YouTube I am a huge fan of her. I really excited about this gift because it has all the products that I want to try, especially the magic cream and wonder glow!

Magic cream is a really good moisturizer, its creamily texture and scents of luxury perfume nearly makes me cry.

The wonder glow really shocks me, now I understand why her models are shiny after putting it on, it has glitter in it and it will melt with your foundation no matter what foundation you used even a full coverage one it still keeps shining. I will buy a full size magic cream and wonder glow.

I've got the fut fat lash mascara already so this little one is good for traveling.

Pillow talk is the most used lip liner on her videos but I am a little bit disappointed on it because the texture is dry and the color makes me look pale, not a fan of this.

The Penelope Pink is one of Charlotte’s favorites(the other one is Pillow Talk)It works really well with smokey eye look it's kind of orange nude, though I rarely use nude lipstick but I love its smothing texture.

long story short: worth buying!

wonderglow妆前乳真的厉害,怪不得CT的模特涂完跟打了水光针一样,里面有闪片,而且是液体的质地涂抹和上脸不会有硅胶感,我震惊到爆炸!再讲一下魔法霜,是那种奶油冰激凌的质地,看着很厚,其实上脸就化开了,一点点就很滋润,而且有非常好闻的香味,不是那种廉价的香精味,而是像高级香水调子里的花香,这就是钱味道!睫毛膏我有正装,虽然大家不喜欢它会晕,但是它真的使用感和平价睫毛膏差别很大,它晕都是有种烟熏感觉的晕,我觉得可以试试这个小的,大的的确是有点贵的。唇线笔真的很干,不是很喜欢,颜色也不太适合我;裸色唇膏很润,偏橙,要化大烟熏的眼妆来平衡,日常会显得有点苍白,虽然颜色不是很适合我,但是唇膏是个好唇膏。如果你想试试CT经典的畅销产品买这个套装是不会失望的,如果只是想试试护肤品的话可以买goodness skin 那个套盒会比较实惠。

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Jane S.

Reviewing the product in it's entirety and not the individual contents. This is a good "Introduction to Charlotte Tilbury". It is not very representative of all the products she carries but to me these are some the the products I would like to try out. It is affordable enough as atrial pack too! If there is another one of similar price range and different product sample, I would definitely get my hands on it too. ;-)

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Stacey C.
Super value!

A great way to try a variety of different products! Love the Magic Cream and the Wonderglow!

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Rachel W.
Beautiful product

Love all the products in the package., particularly love the lip liner and penelope pink lipstick so much!!! The magic cream is so good too. Everything is just so fabulous. Great customer service by Beautylish too.

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Stacey C.

First of all this is a super value! You have the ability to try a variety of products. I love the skin care items the most! I've been wanting to try them. I highlyrecommend this kit!

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ashleigh h.
great CT tasting plate!

The perfect way to test out CT most iconic products! Would love to try another box with different products!

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