E.L.F. Matte Finisher Clear Nail Polish


Lauren H.

It's really watery which scared me at first. But it works so so well, and I love watching the transition from wet to matte. Amazing price, very good quality and pretty easy to get a hold of. Never switching to another matte top coat.

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Review for Wet n Wild Matte Top Coat $0.99

Haven't tried the Elf matte coat but I have the equivalent of drug store brand -- Wet n Wild. 5/5 for that brand, worked like a charm! And only 99 cents!!

Cyrielle A.

I really like it. This is the first matte finisher I have ever used. The price was great, can't complain. I find out about here in Beautylish and I had to try it. Now I am addicted and my daughters love it too.

Georgia Y.
use it all the time!

I've become addicted to mattifying my nails! It makes them 10x stronger, dries 10x quicker and looks 10x better! Love this product and for £1.50 how could anyone say no!?

Santana V.
Matte it up

I do like this polish when i dont feel like having a shine on m y nails. I feel that it looks and works best on certain colors. Not all colors need to look matte. haha. It last about a week for me. of course i dont leave polish on any longer. Great buy for a dollar.

Shannon T.
Great for any color but the smell...

I really liked the matte surface it gives when I apply even after 2 coats. It's just that the strong plasticky smell is horrible... Might be a huge turn off to most ppl although I'm pretty alright with it. The staying power is reasonable as well as the speed to dry. I guess it is worth the $2 whatever it is :) Yay for matte!

Andrea H.

Sometimes it would work, and sometimes it wouldn't. I used to use a tan color on my nails and mattify it and it looked really nice... for a while. then it seemed like the nails would turn out streaky, or not even matte at all. Like maybe I wasn't doing it right. So i just gave up on it. I tried to pull it out one day and use it, but it separated in the bottle. i wouldn't mind spending more for a better matte top coat.

Charmy N.

This would be my first time trying out a Mattifying polish. I used it to coat on top of a black polish. While it did do a great job with giving the Matte effect, the first thing I noticed was that it made it look very streaky. On top of that, it wore off after a day or two.

No Longer Available D.

One word: TERRIBLE! It really was. It was streaky and it just looked awful whenever I would add it to a base color. I wouldn't purchase this again that's for sure. Good thing it was only a dollar!