Pam J.
Best Everyday MAC Lipstick!

Velvet Teddy is one of my favorite go-to lipstick, perfect for any occasion like work or simply as part of your everyday makeup. I love how it looks so natural and how creamy it is whenever it's applied. It looks even more stunning when paired with Essence's In the Nude lip liner. It's the perfect shade for anyone wanting a natural look and I highly recommend it!

Maddie A.
Perfect "Kylie Jenner" Lip!

The famous Kylie Jenner Mac Duo! Mac Lipliner: Whirl Mac Lipstick: Velvet Teddy

LOOOVVEEE these two together! I think that its the perfect duo for any skintone and they both have amazing formulas! My holy grail go-to lip look ever is these two! 💖

Abby A.
Photo of product included with review by Abby A.

The first Mac lipstick i ever bought was Velvet Teddy originally i was looking for a purple colour as i was very into dark colours at the time however when i tried out Velvet Teddy i fell in love, it works well with my skin tone and complexion and it lasts all day but also keeps the lips nice and moist. This lipstick you can wear either buy itself or i choose to wear Mac lip pencil in the colour soar as it makes the beige colour stand out very well and they work nicely with each other!

I recommend Mac Lipsticks to everyone many shades that you wouldn't get with other brands and good quality definitely worth the buy.

Below i have provided a photo with me wearing Velvet Teddy however because of the filter this photo doesn't do it any justice but you can get a slight idea of how the colour looks.

Chelsea F.
The Perfect Nude
Photo of product included with review by Chelsea F.

I have so many Mac lipsticks in every shade tone and finish. But even I went into the store not believing that I could find my "perfect nude". I had had looked everywhere for a nude lipstick and all the ones I tried were either too orange or too pink. As soon as I searched Velvet Teddy, I knew something was different. The color of it was a my lips but better color with a hint of shine but not enough to make me look wet at all. It is matte without being drying and looks beautiful with Mac Chestnut lip liner. I love it and I have more than one

Fave Go-To Of All Time

This is just as my title says: my fave go-to of all time lipstick everrrrrr!!! Will keep purchasing this baby over and over bc it's my perfect nude lip color, matches perfectly to my lip color and adds such a sophisticated touch to my makeup look, whether I'm going for a daytime natural look, or an office low key makeup-ey look. Wore this countless times working at my retail job at a high end store.

Olivia R.
My absolute favourite!!

I love MAC lipsticks so much and have so many different colours but I think velvet teddy is my favourite!! It goes so nicely with my skin and it perfect for my everyday look. It's so easy to wear and is always in my handbag. Love Love Love

Les N.
my obsession

I love MAC lipsticks so much, they are such great quality. from mattes to Lustre finishes MAC gets an A+ from me. velvet teddy is such a gorgeous color, it never seems to grow old on me.

Kendra F.
Great before the Kylie Jenner craze

I bought this color in January of last year. I loved it because it was very different, HOWEVER, I know it isn't my perfect nude. It's a matte color, but it goes on like velvet. It makes my lips look bigger, and I love that it almost blends in with my skin. I remember watching AndreasChoice YouTube videos awhile back and she swore by adding a little bit of foundation to the lips to create that nude look. I always liked the idea, but I never tried it because I never used nor needed foundation, and I wasn't going to buy some just to put on my lips. Long story short, velvet teddy is really great. It looks amazing with a brown lip liner and although it's not my perfect nude, it my nude nonetheless.

Aliana R.
Favorite Shade

So flattering for every skin tone. It lasts FOREVER and is the perfect Kylie Jenner lip color. If you're buying MAC for the first time, Velvet Teddy is the way to go.

Sara M.

The perfect beige nude. It's so creamy and luxurious that I had to buy two!! It looks amazing with oak (lighter skin) or strip down (med to darker skin).