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  • Makeup in the Military

    Makeup in the Military

    Who says you can’t serve your country while looking a little glam? We get the scoop from one of our very own Beautylish Air Force ladies about being a bombshell and a soldier who serves and protects.

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  • Three Easy, Spring Hairstyles

    Three Easy, Spring Hairstyles

    Searching for an easy hairstyle that takes a few minutes to achieve, yet instantly pulls your look together? Well, we’ve found them! Click through for three perfect ‘dos to take you into spring!

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  • Is Mixing Skin Care Products Dangerous?

    Is Mixing Skin Care Products Dangerous?

    Do you mix and match different brands of cleansers, scrubs, serums, and sunscreens? Be careful! Blending skin care products can cause breakouts. Keep reading as we reveal the do’s and don'ts of skin care cocktailing.

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  • Should You Color-Correct Your Lips?
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    Should You Color-Correct Your Lips?

    You’ve heard of color-correcting dark circles and blemishes, but what about your pout? Keep reading to discover which unexpected lip colors you should try next.

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  • The $7,000 Facial and More Celeb Skin Care Splurges!

    The $7,000 Facial and More Celeb Skin Care Splurges!

    Award season is in full swing! In addition to swanky soirées, couture gowns, and jaw-dropping jewels, celebrities will be indulging in lavish skin care treatments so they look flawless on the red carpet. Keep reading as we reveal the best—and most expensive!—pampering sessions on the globe. Plus, see how you can win an incredible prize from L’Oréal Paris!

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  • What's Your Lipstick Personality?

    What's Your Lipstick Personality?

    They say you can tell a lot about a woman from the hue of her lipstick, but does the shape of the bullet after a few uses speak louder than the color? Browse these sculpted lipsticks and see if your pout prediction is true.

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  • Beauty Savers: Customizable Palettes

    Beauty Savers: Customizable Palettes

    Is your makeup bag too full from trying to cram in all the essentials? Try these customizable palettes instead. Save some room and maybe a few dollars.

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  • Remembering Evelyn Lauder

    Remembering Evelyn Lauder

    Cosmetic giant and breast cancer awareness crusader Evelyn Lauder passed away at the age of 75 on Saturday. Keep reading for more about how this gracious woman helped give us all a better chance of surviving breast cancer.

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  • Makeup Brushes: Q&A With Fiona Stiles

    Makeup Brushes: Q&A With Fiona Stiles

    Do you look at makeup brushes and feel confused, or have some at home that you just don't use because you don't know what they're for? Using the right tools to achieve a look is important, so we spoke with celebrity makeup artist Fiona Stiles about which brushes to keep in your makeup bag, how much price matters, and her special tips.

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  • 5 Skin Misconceptions

    5 Skin Misconceptions

    We're all told specific skin care do's and don'ts, but have you ever wondered about their validity? Beauties, we're going to break your hearts with some of these myth-busting realities—sometimes the truth isn’t so pretty.

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