Three Easy, Spring Hairstyles


With the weather heating up, it’s time to pull those strands away from your face! Deciding on a cute way to style your hair can seem like a drag in the morning, but putting in a little extra effort will really brighten your day. Try these three easy-to-achieve hairstyles and step into spring!


This basic twisted updo always looks stylish, and it's a cinch to create. Simply tie your hair into a ponytail at the very top of your head. Swirl your strand around into a bun and secure the bun with another hair tie and extra bobby pins, as necessary. If you like your topknot a little messier, pull some strands out. This look works for a Saturday brunch, a day at the office, or just hanging out with friends.


One of the most popular tutorials on Beautylish, the side braid—or braided bangs—is the perfect fit for almost every occasion. Jennifer Aniston famously rocked one on the red carpet, and the style works for prom and beach alike. For the prettiest effect, only pick up strands closest to your face when French braiding. It will keep your braid flat against your scalp and make it easier to create.


Ready to turn a regular ponytail into something spectacular? Add a little volume and voilà! The pulled-back tail of grade school gets a glam, grownup makeover with a little extra height. The easiest way to achieve some elevation? Apply dry shampoo or root-boosting spritz, tease and backcomb the strands close to the front of your head, and gently smooth back into a ponytail with a flat paddle brush. 

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