The $7,000 Facial and More Celeb Skin Care Splurges!


Award season is in full swing! That means swanky soirees, couture gowns, and jaw-dropping jewels. But before any star steps foot on a red carpet, they hit up Hollywood's top skin care gurus for lavish treatments. And while the secret to their complexion perfection clearly pays off (take a look at Gwyneth Paltrow's gorgeous glow!), these special pampering sessions sure do cost a pretty penny! Check out the most luxe spa treatments this year's nominees and attendees will be splurging on. 

1. Scott-Vincent Borba's HD Diamond and Ruby $7,000 Facial

Bling, bling! Aesthetician Scott-Vincent Borba (clients include Ashley Green and Annalynne McCord) used his HD Diamond and Ruby Peel on Mila Kunis before last year’s Golden Globe Awards. How does the $7000 facial work? The rubies act as an antioxidant while the diamonds provide a topical sheen when applied to the face, neck, décolleté, arms and hands. Scott-Vincent also used a paraffin silk fiber facial and had Mila suck on an ice cube during the process to decrease puffiness.

2. Kate Somerville’s $3,100 Vaser Shape Body Treatment

While scores of A-listers are lining up for Kate’s famous facial, it is the complexion queen’s new Vaser Shape Body Treatment that has quickly become this award season’s must-have! The non-invasive therapy uses ultrasound waves to warm and reduce fatty tissue in targeted areas, while the lymphatic system drains excess toxins from the body. The 90-minute sessions costs $3,100 for a recommended series of 5 treatments.

3. Sonya Dakar's $1,050 Face and Body Diamond Peel

Where do Gwyneth Paltrow and Sofia Vergara go before a big night? Sonya Dakar’s Skin Clinic in Beverly Hills! The skin care guru offers luxe treatments such as her one-of-a-kind Diamond Peel. Sonya uses crushed diamonds to resurface the skin and exfoliate the outer layers, increasing collagen and elastin formation for a rejuvenated, wrinkle-free surface. The facial costs $350 while the body process can cost upwards of $700!

4. La Prairie Spa $1000 White Caviar Illuminating Facial

The newest way to look like a million bucks? La Prairie Spa’s $1,000 White Caviar Illuminating Facial, which features a cellular peel, caviar eye treatment, and golden caviar infused cream. And if that wasn’t lavish enough, after the 90-minute process the client gets to go home with the Swiss brand’s $1,500 White Caviar Illuminating System!

5. Tracie Martyn $387 Red Carpet Facial

Oscar-darling Kate Winslet always visits Tracie Martyn before braving the bright lights and throng of paparazzi. One of Tracie’s most popular treatments? Her signature $387 Red Carpet Facial, which uses a mild current and LED light to lift and tighten skin. The treatement encourages collagen formation and smoothes fine-lines around the jawline, cheekbones, and eyes.