What's Your Lipstick Personality?


They say you can tell a lot about a woman from the hue of her lipstick, but does the shape of the bullet after a few uses speak louder than the color? Psychologists have long researched why and how people are emotionally connected with their beauty products—some say the carved lipstick shape can provide subconscious insights into our psyche. While this kind of beauty forecast is more akin to astrology, there might be some underlying truths hidden in our makeup stash. Browse these chiseled lipsticks to see if your pout prediction is true.

illustrations courtesy of beautypressThe Individualist

Creative, fearless, and adventurous. Non-conformity is your second nature. And just like this whistle-shaped bullet, you refuse to play by any beauty rules. Your makeup mantra: "Try everything once."

The Best Friend

Eloquent, reliable, and trustworthy. The flat-shape of your tube reflects your down-to-earth personality. You surround yourself with great friends with no room for drama! Your makeup mantra: "If it looks good, why change?"

The Sweetheart

Feminine, graceful, and serene. You're the most charming of the bunch, and everyone loves your gentle demeanor. Your bullet is perfectly rounded to reflect a delicate touch. Your makeup mantra: "Bring on the pretty."

The Executive

Confident, ambitious, and meticulous. You set your sights on a trail-blazing career at a very young age and never looked back. Nothing bends on the path to your success, not even your lipstick. The bullet’s original shape stays clean and sharp because your mouth always applies a firm and even pressure. Your makeup mantra: "I only wear the best."

The Romantic

Passionate, sensitive, and shy. A die-hard Jane Austen lover, you crave fairy-tale romance like no other. You've sculpted a concave shape from firm lip pressure in the center of your pucker—just where your Prince Charming would plant the ultimate kiss. Your makeup mantra: "Transform me."