Beauty Product Reviews

Great Midtone color

I really like this for an natural look. It is a great midtone for brides and others that want a natural look. It is a matte shadow that is very pigmented. Great great shadow and formulation.

So returning

I had used this for one month for my fine hair. It is so wrong for my fine hair. It made it look greasy and the greasiness would flake off and look like dandruff. I am returning the product and never buying it again. It looked like I never took a shower.

High sheen

I love wearing these lip glosses alone or in combination with my lip stick. It really gives the lips a high sheen. Plus the flavors are great too. My favorite color is raspberry. I like wearing it with a red lip.

love the wash of color

I love this product. I like to pop the apples of my cheeks with this product. I also use it under a powder blush. I have the color "Cheeky" which is has a pink hue to it.

Great for purse

I love these little brushes. They fit in my purse for on the go touch ups. My favorite brush is the Lip brush for lipstick/gloss touch ups.

Great brow powder

First I use the mechanical pencil in medium ash then I go over it with the powder. The result is fuller natural looking brows. It fills in my brows really nicely. The two shades blend together very nicely.

Natural looking

I purchased the brow wiz in Medium Ash. I love that it is a mechanical pencil so I do not need to sharpen it. It blends really really well. I was recommended this product at Sephora's. My brows have never looked so good. I use feathery hair like strokes when applying the product.

Great for summer

This is great product that I love to wear in the summer months. The coverage is sheer and it makes my skin look really youthful. I also like wearing this to work since it is so sheer and it doesn't make me look too made up.

Wonderful product

I have the beautyblender for about two years not. All I can say is that it is amazing!!!! They work when applying liquid or creme foundation. The cleanser that comes with it has a wonderful scent and can be used to clean makeup brushes as well. It really gives the face an airbrushed look.

New shades

Mark is coming out with New Shades the next Magalog. I am so excited. They come in matte, shimmer, metallic, and satin textures. My favorite is Whisper it is a great neutral color that is great for highlighting.