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Beautyblender Reviews


Rachel R.
Wonderful product

I have the beautyblender for about two years not. All I can say is that it is amazing!!!! They work when applying liquid or creme foundation. The cleanser that comes with it has a wonderful scent and can be used to clean makeup brushes as well. It really gives the face an airbrushed look.

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Ariel L.

I've heard a lot of good things about these beauty blenders so when I went to IMATS in LA this year I purchased the package that came with 2 and the beauty cleanser. I have to say, I love! I use these on all my clients when I apply liquid foundation. It spreads the foundation nice and evenly as if it was airbrushed on. Not only are they great but they are adorable as well :D My clients always say "SO CUTE!" when I bring them out during makeup applications. The cleanser that comes with it works wonders too. They wash out all the makeup off the blenders and you can use them to clean your other makeup brushes as well. Awesome product. (:

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Marcia M.

Where has this been all my life. I purchased this from and let me tell you something: Every girl should own these. Not just for makeup artist! The difference in your makeup is simply amazing! There are a few brushes that i no longer use thanks to these little babies! Absolute must have.

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Kendra H.
No Worth It

Honestly, There are plenty of sponges that are actually better quality. I found that the Beauty Blender is very fragile especially once you get it wet. It just breaks apart super easily and as all my brushes and sponges are well loved; it is too expensive for it to just break on me. The only thing good about it is the unique shape that has the point, however, that has been recreated with countless dupes. I think people THINK it's better simply because it's expensive and it has been hyped up so much. In reality it isn't much better than the dupes you can buy at Target.

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Marie S.

I heard about this product since December 2013, I decided to purchase it April 2014 for Easter since the prices were lowered. I have had this product for 2 months now. I would Recommend this product! It was great in doing is purpose. It was handy and took it with me everywhere. Now because of it's average size for ME it was able to get lot very quickly in my drawer, bag, etc. This was a problem because some times I have to do my makeup in a rush. Also I WOULD HIGHLY recommend that you buy the cleanser as well. The cleanser was great it kept it clean and looking new. This is highly recommended because it is a sponge and this sponge not only absorbed my make up BUT the dirt in my drawer, bag, etc. I could do without the product if I had to but it just makes it a bit easier and it only takes me like 5-15 minutes to clean it. I'd recommend this product WITH the cleanser. For the price I think this is a total steal! I can see myself repurchasing this product IF I had to like I lost it. Great product and would recommend!

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Ashley R.
Must Have Tool!

Ive had the beauty blender for about a year or so , and i use it daily for my foundation! It is the best way to get the most natural looking makeup ever! High Quality sponge ! I will never use my brushes again! (sorry sigma :()

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Sarah F.
believe the hype!

I was really skeptical about the beauty blender since 1. I'm not the best with using sponges and 2. all the dupes I've tried were a disaster, but it really does give a beautiful, sheer and flawless finish! It's so easy and fun to work with. I've only been using it for the past couple of days but I can't imagine ever wanting to use a foundation brush again.

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Tsai-yu W.
Everyone must have one!

It is so useful tool. You'll get natural looking makeup. I can't stop having it everyday. Drop all my brush. Now I just have this one.

Yvette M.
Effective and impressive!

The shipping is so fast and I get the product in three days! The product is very good and The hand written card is so sweet! Will repurchase again!

Heather W.
This makes all the difference

I really didn't follow the hype but, if you have dry patches or combo skin you need a beauty blender to get that flawless airbrushed look I use it for foundation concealer, powder, and contour! This is a must especially for makeup artist who new this tiny little sponge could do so much!